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I may not have checked everything because I was too concerned about where Bunky was gonna be.

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I played this game for half an hour and couldn't find the key on my second try.

I screwed myself over big time.

Honestly, I didn't think this was a very good game at all. First of all, it's a Slender clone, which is bad enough already, because those kind of games are just not scary anymore. Second, I wasn't scared at all in this game, with the looping music, and the small map, and never mind the fact that the enemy can never catch you. You move faster than he does, so it's very easy to get away.

I will never be able to fully comprehend the fact that this game is rated 4 stars.

Here's my video:

I don't know if the songs will be okay to show on YouTube, so I'm gonna mute them just in case.

It was scary before the enemy showed up, because I didn't know when I could expect her to show up. But then when she does show up, I still found it scary for a little while, because I didn't know her patrol pattern. But now I do, and it makes the game not very scary anymore, like, at all. And I do rather dislike having to walk all over the place just to find some numbers, while having to keep waiting for the girl to go by in order to get to my next destination.

It was scary at first, but when everything is in the exact same place, and the jumpscares happen at the exact same times, it's a lot less scary. But my biggest problem is not being able to enter a room after getting the bill.

My frustration got the best of me, so I couldn't really continue.

I didn't really fully understand this game, but I thought it was interesting.

This game is not as perfect as the title suggests. The halls are too much the same, it's kinda boring to look at. You should at least add an ending of some sort. And the dialogue, especially at the end, was kinda ridiculous.

I get that this is a prototype, but there's too little in it to really have my interest.

These are the exact same instructions I saw in another video before, thus remaining unhelpful, due to a folder not existing in in the "Sony" folder.

Okay, I figured out the problem, I was supposed to open it from in my Steam folders, because I have the software on Steam.

I made a video of this game. I thought it was pretty good, even though I didn't realize at first that there was a battery meter for the phone. 

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Games like this where the enemy just wanders the halls are scarier than a lot of other games I've played. Although, I wouldn't expect objects to be in the same places in each playthrough.

Oh sure, explain where to put the focusing thing in the description without also saying it in the game. That's helpful, considering I always forget to look at the description before starting a game.

But sarcasm aside, I actually did enjoy this game once I figured everything out. I decided to follow you in case of further updates.

I got pretty frustrated at this game, but in the end, I thought it was pretty good.

Actually, I'm using Vegas Movie Studio 13 Platinum. I saw a video on how to fix this problem, but they had a folder that I don't have, and therefore, cannot open. So there's nothing I can do about it.

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I recorded this game and really wanted to upload my video, but for some stupid reason my video editor showed the recorded footage all being green, even though I can watch the video file itself and it won't be green, I don't know what's up with that, so sorry I can't show you, but I did enjoy the game and get creeped out a few times.

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What MADGaming said.

also, having to start from the very beginning when you die is a little annoying. But I did get some good scares out of this.

Is there gonna be Spongebob music in here? Because if there is, then I would rather not play it. I've never had a copyright strike on my channel, and I really don't want to start now.

This was a pretty cool game. I made a video of this: 

There were a few glitches that happened in this game, but I thought it was pretty good.

The code is the order that the numbers on the paintings appear.

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I made a video of this game too. Still loved it.

I really like your games. I made a video of this game. Also, you're the second developer I've ever seen who's also from Edmonton. Well, third, because I'd forgotten about BioWare.

Some wierd things were happening in my playthrough, but here's my video: 

I made a video of this game: 

You didn't bother watching all of it? Then how are some problems I had supposed to be explained?

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This is one of those "I don't even know" kind of games, because I don't even know. But seriously, though, I appreciate you asking my to play this, I really like it when people do that, but I have never been more confused in a game.


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Would you mind telling me what key on my keyboard I'm supposed to push in order to exit the text box? Because I don't have a controller.

I suck at this game, but I thought it was fun.

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This is your first game? But where's the overused character models? Where's the Incompetech music? Where's the terrible animation? WHERE'S THE OVERALL BADNESS?

But seriously, though, this game is really well done for your first game. Here's my video: 

Same here. I have a feeling it's probably not, which would be rather disappointing.

I was being kinda dumb in this game, but I thought it was really good overall. It'd have been nice to be able to read that letter a little better, though. I have enough trouble with reading as it is.

I made a two-part series of this game. As much as I like metroivania games, this one was not as good, because I ended up getting lost. I couldn't remember where I had or hadn't been, and I couldn't find out where to go to get to some of the areas I hadn't been. I just kept going in circles. It would have been helpful if there was a map, like in every other metroidvania game I've played. But overall, I did actually like the game up until that point.

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It was quite scary at first. I was freaking out at every little sound. But it felt like there wasn't a whole lot in this game. There was one house and two things of interest. I was wandering around hoping for another building or object to interact with. But nothing. Then I got bored and looked for the ladder.

So yeah, despite that, I did still somewhat like the game. And you can tell from what an absolute wimp I am.

This was pretty interesting. Kinda creepy at the start.

I couldn't figure out what to do for the life of me. I only found one single piece of cheese throughout the whole video.