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You didn't bother watching all of it? Then how are some problems I had supposed to be explained?

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This is one of those "I don't even know" kind of games, because I don't even know. But seriously, though, I appreciate you asking my to play this, I really like it when people do that, but I have never been more confused in a game.


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Would you mind telling me what key on my keyboard I'm supposed to push in order to exit the text box? Because I don't have a controller.

I suck at this game, but I thought it was fun.

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This is your first game? But where's the overused character models? Where's the Incompetech music? Where's the terrible animation? WHERE'S THE OVERALL BADNESS?

But seriously, though, this game is really well done for your first game. Here's my video: 

Same here. I have a feeling it's probably not, which would be rather disappointing.

I was being kinda dumb in this game, but I thought it was really good overall. It'd have been nice to be able to read that letter a little better, though. I have enough trouble with reading as it is.

I made a two-part series of this game. As much as I like metroivania games, this one was not as good, because I ended up getting lost. I couldn't remember where I had or hadn't been, and I couldn't find out where to go to get to some of the areas I hadn't been. I just kept going in circles. It would have been helpful if there was a map, like in every other metroidvania game I've played. But overall, I did actually like the game up until that point.

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It was quite scary at first. I was freaking out at every little sound. But it felt like there wasn't a whole lot in this game. There was one house and two things of interest. I was wandering around hoping for another building or object to interact with. But nothing. Then I got bored and looked for the ladder.

So yeah, despite that, I did still somewhat like the game. And you can tell from what an absolute wimp I am.

This was pretty interesting. Kinda creepy at the start.

I couldn't figure out what to do for the life of me. I only found one single piece of cheese throughout the whole video.

I thought this was pretty good. Here's my video:

A little short, but I liked it.

I really liked the game. But I felt a little disappointed that there wasn't much to do in it.

Well, my video's finally out.

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I got extremely frustrated at the end of this video, because I was interacting with everything, but nothing was happening.

I made a video of this game. It didn't really work out for me.


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I've already sent you a link to my video, but for anyone else interested, here it is:

Tried to record a video of this game, but I can't even go around back to get to the generator. So I'm stuck at the beginning of the game, and not a single command I typed would work for me.

But I never expected it to be a typing game, so it's not really my kind of game anyway.

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I have a 2-part series of this game.

In the second video the game crashed when I destroyed the first thingy on the gate. I tried it again after recording to see if the game would crash at that exact same moment, and it did. So I guess my playthrough of this is over. I did like the game, though.

You might want to put that link in the description, because I also can't install the game with the app, or download it in the browser.

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I made a very short video of this game because there was no option to restart.