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Hi I found this game on youtube and downloaded it to play it myself and i've came across a problem with the bosses(2nd one's the worst) the player doesn't get  enough time to build a good "zoid" base on there creature because of the new level whirlpools they just rush the player to much to the point where 3/4 of the species are unplayable either make it a option to go down like a single whirpool that goes down so you can grow larger or just tone down the bosses.  I also believe ??? Need's a small "buff" there amazingly fun to play but they loose most of there zoids fast make making leach take more health form the enemy or making it so it does more damage. Other than those points i truly love the game and want it to less of a rushed game.  

Thank you for reading -GamingGud

Hi, thanks for playing!

We agree that the second boss needs more work. And we'll also be tweaking forced whirlpools - that's a new thing we've added and hasn't gotten much love.

This is an in-development demo, your feedback will help us to make it feel less rushed. Cheers!

Thanks for replying!
1st off I recommend a kind of marker system or even a map and I would like to retract my statement about the classes ??? is possible but very hard and for the whirlpools maybe a challenge/speedrun mode.