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This is awesome!

     This game is my favorite game so far, I really enjoy the combat and being able to build your creature as you progress. The game looks great and the controls are pretty good! The game is very challenging and takes a lot of time to build a creature that can defend itself and attack, so your all good with the challenge! I do like the collision, like if you place two spikes facing each other they collide when they hit. This brought along a few problems, if one of my melee weapons hit each other they either, get stuck on each other and then are unusable, or they start shaking violently. Other than that I love what you have done with this game, I have a few ideas to enhance the game. Here's a few, after killing a certain amount of creatures with a weapon it upgrades the weapon to be slightly stronger. Making a new creature that is faster than the others but it is weaker than others. Making a new creature that can spit of mini versions of itself that are very weak, but when you have a lot surrounding an enemy it suddenly becomes harder to get rid of them all. The creature would have average defense and no weapons but the creature summoner. I hope you like some of these ideas, thank you for making this game and if you have a team I thank them too!

Hi, thanks for playing Sipho, we're glad you liked it!

We are hoping that Unity update will fix the spikes getting stuck in each other and rocks. If not, we'll have to stop relying on physical joints and fix collisions ourselves.

Thank you for ideas, cheers!