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I'm a fan of card-building RPGs and I figured this would be right up my alley.  Tried to get the web game working and it wouldn't launch.  So I downloaded, played for a little bit, and it wasn't for me.  HOWEVER, I do enjoy the art aesthetic, the colorful work, and the imagination you put in this game.  Keep up the good work

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Thank you for your comment! Sorry the web version didn't work properly, but glad that you still had a chance to give it a try! And yes, the game is a bit more simplistic in terms of mechanics if you're familiar with card-building games and RPGs, and we ended up basic it a bit more on auto-battlers than full-fledged card-games. We also designed it in mind as being more of a fun playable gift hence why it doesn't have much depth.

Even then, glad that you liked the aesthetics and the overall themes of the game! Cheers! 🐳