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I see Also, I think I found a bug on the path to ending 8, as shown in the imgur link. I'm not sure if this was what was supposed to display. Anyway, the original question was just because the game says ending 4 is the hardest one, yet ending 3 is a lot harder.


And I have just finished the game with every ending. The writing was definitely compelling (and also hot), and I think the idea of these stat checks was an interesting idea, but I'm not entirely sure how I felt about the execution, given how much of my time was spent re-reading the same text to get certain endings, but at the same time, I do think it is a nice touch that you need to make the player think about how to approach each of their stats. It seems like one of those things that one could make a case for it being both good and bad.

Overall, definitely enjoyed it. Also I needed to look up laughing clowns. That's the most disturbing thing I've seen all week.


Thanks ^^

I ended up going for a more accessible system for Null Event that omitted force rolls entirely, if just because it added an unpleasant amount of difficulty to the multiple endings?

I could probably look at rebalancing it, but it's not my preferred system at this point.