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I ended up fixing the a bug in the code for the autoscroll, and adding an options menu that lets the player toggle the autoscroll.

I can try and rework that side of things, but I'm going to be a little busy in the near future.

Hopefully, this should be fixed now.

Sure, I can try looking into it, I've generally tried breaking up things into smaller passages (requiring player inputs to continue,) though I think I should be able to just find a way to have it scroll down only just to the top of the first new passage.

As for the fullscreen, I can try looking into it for the Windows version (it's something further from my skillset, however,) though the iOS version is basically out of my hands.

Oh, could probably work at expanding it, was planning on adding one more ending (sort of, furniture bondage themed) down the line but I can also give the other stuff another pass, too.

Ah, sure. I still could get around to it if it'd be helpful, though.

Ah, sorry for the late response! Thank you so much!

I don't currently have a walkthrough (though I swear I must have made one at some point,) though if you open the HTML file in Twine, you should be able to see a flowchart of the game.

That said, I can try to work on a walkthrough tomorrow, it'll just be a moment.

Okay, the HTML seems to be now downloadable now on my device, does it work for you?

Ah, let me just check, sorry for this!

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I'm guessing the issue is the embed part, if you're able to run stuff via download? I'll add in a downloadable HTML version, if that helps.

EDIT: It should be available now.

What's your web browser? Can you try a different one?

Ah, this one is playable in browser, I do hope the art book comes as part of the bundle (that was my intention) but if it's not, DM me on Twitter and I can send it to you.

Thank you so much, this comment really means a lot. ¥_^

I wish you good luck on whatever your endeavour may be.

Thank you so much. ^^

I haven't worked on this one for a long while, and I've kept putting off finishing it, but I guess I really should someday soon.

Is that upon starting the game? Does it work in other browsers?

Thanks. ^^

I've had so much help from forum posts and tutorials, that I felt it was the right time to give back.

Sure, can do. ^^

Had originally planned for it to be a little longer, with more activities, but I guess I didn't want to set myself up for having all the endings be long. (The pet route was the first one I'd written after the drone bad ending.)

Did you have any specific requests, btw?

If it helps, I've officially set the code licence for the pack as being Unlicense, and the asset licence for the pack as being CC Attribution 4.0.

I've reset my payment settings with Itch to allow Stripe if that's workable for you, but PayPal and Stripe are the only options for

I don't understand what you mean by another payment method, sorry.

Another payment method?

Yeah, of course. ^^

Hope you find it useful.

Have just released it now, and it should work with pre-existing games (no reset required.)

For now with tainted aspect, yes, but planning an update very soon.

Wanting to get feedback for what people want to see with the ending content for it, first.

Wanting to add a unique ending for it down the line.

Thank you so much for this comment, it really means a lot.

Thanks ^^

I ended up going for a more accessible system for Null Event that omitted force rolls entirely, if just because it added an unpleasant amount of difficulty to the multiple endings?

I could probably look at rebalancing it, but it's not my preferred system at this point.

Kind of? I can try and work on it to make it more accessible, but I wanted to hide this ending as well as possible because of how it sort of started as a shitpost.

Thank you so much. ¥_^

"Cyber" is when everything is 90s sci-fi for some reason.

Going to create a new discourse in games: "Is Null Event presenting Horny and Revolutionary as opposite?"

Thank You ^^

Hah, fair point. I did consider allowing that as an option, but it would require a lot of work to address other structural issues with the story. Maybe I could add it as an option if I end up doing another update, though.

This game is great, it made me feel things I haven't in quite a long time. Hit really hard in places, too.

Thanks a bunch. ^^

I do have other games that are less scary or depressing, if you're interested in checking them out?

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Ah, as in terms of as a Twine game? If you can download the file, you can put it into Documents\Twine\Stories and open up Twine to see how it was made. Feel free to use any of the code.

(Also, thanks. ^^)

Thanks for the playthrough. ^^

Uneasy confusion is rated in Face Meat.

Thanks. ^^

Currently working on a new smutgame with a cyberpunk setting, but it's still very early stages and I want to gauge interest.