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The page for the CRNVRS English update seems to be taken down and I can't find it anywhere else online. Do you know anything about why this is the case?

And I have just finished the game with every ending. The writing was definitely compelling (and also hot), and I think the idea of these stat checks was an interesting idea, but I'm not entirely sure how I felt about the execution, given how much of my time was spent re-reading the same text to get certain endings, but at the same time, I do think it is a nice touch that you need to make the player think about how to approach each of their stats. It seems like one of those things that one could make a case for it being both good and bad.

Overall, definitely enjoyed it. Also I needed to look up laughing clowns. That's the most disturbing thing I've seen all week.

I see Also, I think I found a bug on the path to ending 8, as shown in the imgur link. I'm not sure if this was what was supposed to display. Anyway, the original question was just because the game says ending 4 is the hardest one, yet ending 3 is a lot harder.

A question. Is ending 3 supposed to be damn near impossible and enormously frustrating to obtain? Or is there an easier way of obtaining it aside from hoping the random number Goddess lets you break through the first vigor check but lose the second one?

You must be fun at parties.

Will do!

Just completed all three Sacrifices games. Holy fuck were those intense, especially The Change Architect. I feel bad that I didn't know these games existed when the Kickstarter campaign happened. If another campaign happens, I'm definitely backing it.

I am having some issues getting this game to run. I tried downloading it twice, but Webroot keeps telling me it found malware in the game files, and there's no application to install after I extract the files.

Yes. I emailed the developer directly, and figured out it was possible to retrieve deleted emails, where I found the email with the keys. I likely deleted it by mistake not knowing it contained the keys.

I have been trying to get in contact with someone from Raine Works for a while about my Kickstarter backer rewards. I pledged to this game's Kickstarter at the Mischa Daki tier, but never got the rewards. I looked through an old email that stated that the codes were sent out in an email via Itch.Io, so it could have been possible that I mistook it for spam and deleted it at the time. Is there anything that can be done?

I'm glad I could help, and it means a lot to hear that this criticism is helpful given that there are some people online who would dismiss someone like me as "an easily offended social justice warrior." Anyway I am definitely looking forward to how this game turns out and I wish you the best.

I have played through the remaining content.

The biggest fault with the game in question is that it conflates trans women and gay men way too much. The general theme that it's a stupid worldview to belief that one's sexuality or how well they conform to traditional gender roles has any baring on their status as a man or as person is a not incorrect. But when a game that is basically about a man learning it's okay to gay includes trans women in it, it carries the risk of implying that trans women are just gay men in denial, which is a very harmful stereotype that is pushed by transphobes. Even in a game specifically stating how homophobia is ignorant and absurd, conflating gay men with trans women is considered highly offensive precisely because one's gender and one's sexuality are entirely different things, and it completely ignores that a lot of trans women such as myself are not even attracted to men in the first place (and before anyone asks why I played a game like this if I wasn't attracted to men, the answer  is 1: MC is adorable and 2: Objectification fetish).

The fact that the two most prominent trans characters in the game are the MC and Ashley, neither of whom transitioned of their own volition and both of whom are frequently referred to as "sissies," and the fact that sex scenes involving cis women are given the option to skip with a warning while ones involving trans women have no such warning, this only further gives off the impression that this game doesn't know the difference between a trans woman and a crossdresser. For context, I should note that the general consensus on "sissies" tends to range from viewing them as creepy fetishists who objectify trans women, to some who view it as somewhat of a guilty pleasure while having awareness of its faults. Either group would be deeply offended to be called a "sissy," because it implies that they can never just be a woman and will always be nothing more than a "feminine man."

I think that Naomi could have been a way to better implement a trans narrative into the game, given that it's never made clear whether or not Ashley or MC identify as female outside of work related purposes. Unfortunately Naomi had only one scene in the game and there is nothing to contrast the difference between her and MC.  If anything, the fact the MC genuinely starts to enjoy being perceived as a woman while having romantic feelings for male characters and worrying about if they figure out he's a guy seems to suggest that there's something deeper than just him getting off to all that, the game oftentimes comes across as confused in regards to what it intendeds MC to be read as. Granted that could also be because it's an incomplete game and I have no idea what the rest of the story is supposed to be.

In concept, the game already carries some heavily problematic implications of trans people that can't be completely removed without heavily altering the game. But I also don't think that makes the game bad as a whole, and that there are some things that can be done to mitigate the more problematic aspects. Some of my suggestions would be to edit any of MC's dialogue in the vein of "but Ashley is a guy, does that make me gay?" to something that isn't outright implying the MC thinks being attracted to trans women makes him gay. By trying to handle a "liking trans women isn't gay" message in the same game as a "it's okay to be gay" shoots itself in the foot because MC literally is gay! Of course, it's entirely possible that MC is bi/pan but this is never addressed, and even if he was, the game still does little to differentiate trans women from cross dressing "sissies." Also a nice touch would be having a trans-man as a client, as that would also help drive home the point that gender ≠ genitalia.

Anyway I hope this is helpful and I have contributed $3.00

Hearing this gives me more faith in the game as a whole and I now feel more willing to finish this game. Granted I think that the intended message could have been written better, but I will wait until finishing it to give my detailed thoughts. Thanks for the reply.

I've recently started playing this game, and I found it fairly enjoyable thus far, but as a trans woman, the scene Naomi was hideously transphobic and it has completely turned me off of the game as a whole. It is a shame because the earlier scene with Ashley was handled in a way that doesn't imply that trans women are gay men with cross dressing fetishes while also not detracting from the overall quality. (Unless the line "I can't believe my eyes, I would never say that you're a guy, was supposed to be "I would have never guessed you're actually a guy," and not "there's no way I can say that someone like you is a guy" then this game doesn't even deserve that credit.