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I've really liked from this game so far. Looks really promising, specially for a xenophilic like me. :)

I wonder if you'll be able to date goblins, gnolls, nekomatas, najas, spectres, ghosts, "chubby" and "thick" non-humans and even skeletons (because why not, haha) in the future.

I also liked from how the character reacts accordingly to your answers, so being a pervert or a manipulative jerk will get you nowhere in this game, heh.

Haven't found any bugs so far but I wish there could be an options menu, where you can save and load your progress and to adjust the text speed. Also, make the gallery an unlockable feature where you can only see the pictures of a character after you complete their path, like "date X to unlock his gallery", "date Y to unlock her gallery", "date Z and B to unlock this gallery", "do this and that to unlock this/those galleries" and so on.

Anyway, keep up the good work, and have a nice weekend. ;)


Thanks for playing! 
We're hoping to have a huge variety of available dates, both in races and bodytypes eventually. We have some concept art for some potential future dates we're going to be trickling out, though we're focusing efforts on getting this first episode done first; and a dragon seemed like a pretty good starting point. 

Some options settings will be implemented in the next build. Unlockable gallery is also on the list. 

Thanks for your answer.

Oh, that's great to know, and I understand: this episode was fun, and I see how you're taking your time to make a good and enjoyable VN to play through. I respect this, and I'll be looking forward to the improvements. Again, keep up the good job. 

Oh, nice. Thanks for taking note of my suggestions. Hope you have a nice week. :)