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It's a really fun Diablo styled game despite some bugs here and there.

I definitely recommend the download. 👍

You're welcome. ;)

Looking forward to your next updates and improvements.

Nice to see this game is growing big. Keep up the great work. :)

Oh, nice. I'll give it a look when I have some spare time. :)

I have joined it. I'll post my impressions and suggestions there instead of here.

I hope everything goes well. Happy holidays and may 2019 be a good year for both of us. :)

You're welcome, and I'm glad this project is still active. Looking forward to the final results. ;)

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Really good game, which reminds from early 3D fighting games like "Fighting Vipers", the classic "Virtua Fighter" franchise, "Heaven's Gate" and the early "Bloody Roar" and "Tekken" franchise.

It has a smooth and easy to learn gameplay, and it's a pity I know almost nothing about Blender, heh.

Keep up the good work! :)

I've researched a bit and it seems it had potential, because looks like now this studio went offline after last year's Kickstarter. It's a pity, though. :(

I've been taking a look at the progress of this game, and I look forward to see more of it, even characters of other genders, as suggested by someone in the comments.

Have a nice day.

Thanks for your answer.

Oh, that's great to know, and I understand: this episode was fun, and I see how you're taking your time to make a good and enjoyable VN to play through. I respect this, and I'll be looking forward to the improvements. Again, keep up the good job. 

Oh, nice. Thanks for taking note of my suggestions. Hope you have a nice week. :)

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I've really liked from this game so far. Looks really promising, specially for a xenophilic like me. :)

I wonder if you'll be able to date goblins, gnolls, nekomatas, najas, spectres, ghosts, "chubby" and "thick" non-humans and even skeletons (because why not, haha) in the future.

I also liked from how the character reacts accordingly to your answers, so being a pervert or a manipulative jerk will get you nowhere in this game, heh.

Haven't found any bugs so far but I wish there could be an options menu, where you can save and load your progress and to adjust the text speed. Also, make the gallery an unlockable feature where you can only see the pictures of a character after you complete their path, like "date X to unlock his gallery", "date Y to unlock her gallery", "date Z and B to unlock this gallery", "do this and that to unlock this/those galleries" and so on.

Anyway, keep up the good work, and have a nice weekend. ;)

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Nice game, pity it's too short, heh.

Maxine is my favorite gal. :)

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I've just played it, and I liked from the new features, including the soothing music. :)

The characters and the settings feel more alive, specially Deka, haha! But anyway, the way he lifts up his arms while he's blushing is very cute looking. The music that plays when you're hanging around with him is very nice and pleasant to hear. <3

I also liked how you can customize your character but I'd be interesting if it there were options to make your MC more effeminated or emasculated for both genders, and be able to change your character's appearance during the story.

Some more suggestions (if possible):

- "Kiss"/"Hug"/"Sex"/"Hold Hands"/"Ignore"/"Argue"/"Break Up" type of options and "I Love you"/"I love you as a friend"/"My plaything"/"Not serious"/"Friends with benefits" type of routes, allowing you to:

~ Just be friends with one of three NPCs and attempt to date one of the other two characters;

~ Obey your mom's orders by ignoring them all and live your life as usual;

~ Be more intimate with the one NPC you chose and engage into a relationship with them, accepting all risks;

~ Date the one NPC you chose for some time and then part ways with them, obeying your mom's orders;

~ Be a "very rude" perverted and manipulative person and date and/or have sex with all the three NPCs, one character at time (I always found funny how the MC is so polite with everything);

~ Not have a serious relatonship with the NPC you chose but at the same time you're both open to a deeper intimacy and friendship between each other.

- Go deep in Deka's subplot about "the Created" and also subplots related to racism, alternative reality and "the Unsight gift"(sp?) and the supposed "rivalries" between mosters;

- Make the MC have more than one personality.

Whew, that's pretty a laundry list of suggestion, haha. But I hope they help you folks somehow. I'm looking forward for more progress and how the new content will turn out to be. Have a nice week. :)

Will do! Looking forward to more updates! :)

Oh, yeah! This looks good ~

Great job as usual, folks. Keep it up!

Oh, nice, and of course I'm very interested in our lovely skeleboy's storyline. :)

Keep up the good work.

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I've just completed your game. In fact, I'm one of these people your game touched with, and made me question some things about myself and the amount of bullying, loneliness, and failures in the past, not to mention my social status, all while being one of the "smartest" of my class. when I was in school. I actually was born and still live in a shanty town called "Oath", which's one of many poor communities/"favelas" spread around Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which also doesn't help my condition. Living surrounded by violence, despair and poverty can drive any human being to the point of total insanity.

But even so, I persisted. I never let hope go. For some reason, I never let all this get to me. Maybe I'm too hopeful or naive or because I can distract myself with my PC or whatever but I always kept this flame of hope burning inside me like a volcano, which coincides with my desire of being alive and make a stand on my own life.

For a long time I've read several articles and bought some self-help books since I never had enough budget to seek therapic/psychologic/what have you help, and I've also always thought that these stuff were only for "rich" people who live around Copacabana, Leblon and other places considered to be from people with bigger budgets I could ever have. And then I kept looking around the web for answers to a crippled "piece of organic shit" like me, who, like Derek, started to develop some sort of paranoia, and always thought people would attack me or reject me in a heartbeat, like I was Trump or that one "rocketman" from North Korea. So, what's happening with me is kinda the inverse with what happens to Derek, taking my distance from people because of "n" reasons which come through my head like a train, showing a slide show of how much of a "defect" and "failure" I am compared to other people.

But even so, I persisted. I never let hope go. And then little by little, I was enlightned and decided to go on this "eternal" quest for self-knowledge in the Journey of Life. And I'm still finding myself.

Nowadays I've got myself some therapy and psiquiatry sessions for free, which I never realized so. It all started around December 2017, and in this month I'll go there again. It feels like going back to school again (which now I find to be a bore) but along the time I'll like it more than I should. It may seem that I'm betting all my coins on this but my intuition says that I'll be other person once I go through all this "swim". With being a "rookie" Writer and everything. And, unlikely what Derek thinks of art, I'm sure I'll touch all the people I can with my future works and make a positive difference in a world full of "bleakness" and also "thirst" for some more violence.

If it's a "new life" I seek, and if it means dive through the deepest seas, then so be it, I accept the challenge.

And even so, I still persist. I never let hope go. I've learned along this journey that to find happiness, you need to be happy with yourself first, be responsible for your own life and hold no one accountable for your own happiness, even though their opinions seems to be the "truth". And, in the end, my happiness depends on me and willing to do the first step, not on temporary things like sex, drugs, parties and even games or delegate people to approve or understand us.

This was not only a game but also one of the many journeys I went across my life, and the lessons I took from this visual novel were fantastic, specially about the part that, it doesn't matter if the entire Multiverse is against you, there's always someone who'll look over you, where said person was under your nose all the time. And you never noticed it because you were so busy to "fit in", so desperate to not be alone and "grow yourself a thick skin" that you were too "blind"/"busy" to notice the small beauties of life and how this one someone cares so much about you. And this one happens to share some interests you have and understant what you're coming through too, if not, suffering from the same weaknesses and loneliness as you do.

For a long time I thought I was alone. It turns out the only one embracing loneliness was me all the time. I'm sure "that one movie director" would be proud of such plot twist. And I wish the World could have more "Mias" instead of this "open air" circus/asylum/freak show hybrid which our planet became, you know. If you think about it, so many people around the world are trying so hard to be special, to "fit in", to be a "people pleaser" and even go with the status quo in order to have some meaning in their lives. Which makes me question why people like Derek and Mia, who are the best they can be can be considered "crazy", "insane" or even anti-social while people like the Kardashians are considered to be "sane", "pretty" and an "example to be followed" ? You may argue that "money talks" but wouldn't also be because people are stuck in a such lunatic "people pleasing" and "being important and also a social butterfly at any costs" loop that they don't notice they're going "insane" themselves ? And that it doesn't hurt to question their own lives every once in a while instead of being a "social shapeshifter" like those celebrities ?

Anyway, I'm sorry for filling your page with even more walls of text, haha. :)

All I want to say is: thank you for this visual novel. I hope to see more deep works like this from you. And to me, the game ends not with a "BAD END" but with "Mia approaches and hugs you", which's the screen I decided to let your game stuck with while I wrote this huge text. Hopefully, these two can meet themselves again, because I've once learned that most people who come into your life are not just for show but with a deep purpose in order to change your life and take you to less "turbulent" seas. And I took this to heart ever since.

Have a nice week.

Nevetheless, I will keep persisting. I will never let hope go, even now in my 30's.

I've liked from this game, and also from the few details given about this moster world in this demo.

Looking forward to see more of it, and hopefully in seeing the author not giving up on this project. :)

Hoping for something as good as "Tusks". :)

That was one good ride, even though I don't follow the show.

Great job, and I've got "Ending 4.A". :)

Really good and simple game. Colorful graphics, a detailed and heartwarming story and a really cute dragon nonetheless. :)

And I agree with some comments here: a sequel would be an interesting idea, where both characters continue from the ending the player chose, work their relationship up, deal together with possible prejudices from other people and, who knows, have an optional "poly" choice. Because you may never know if other cute dragons will show up in the city. ;)

Anyway, thanks for this game, and have a nice weekend.

Thanks for the reply. Keep up the good work, heh.

Yeah. Deka is such a little sweetheart, isn't them ? And also you get to know more about these being's lore. Looking forward to see the MC give him some more love, and maybe... a first "kiss" if possible ? (I never though I'd found skeletons cute, haha. But like Skelly from "Monster Girl Gamu" and Sans from "Undertale", Deka is one of a GOOD kind, you know)

No problem. Hope you folks have a nice weekend. ;)

I honestly liked from this short but sweet game. I've managed to get the good ending, and also a lesson: never judge a demon by its horns, heh.

Thanks for making this game. :)

I've just played through the demo. It's a very good game, and remembered me from "Tusks", which's not just about dating people but also allows you to know more about the characters, their origins, what they like and etc, which's great! :)

Also, I've just felt in love with Deka, haha, even though Cailean also seems a nice guy to hang with.

Anyway, best wishes for you and your team and I'll be looking forward to the full version. :)