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It shows potential; the art is good, the story seems interesting and I like the fact it's a full NSFW game focused on M/M relationships... the only downside (though this is just personal opinion) is that I'm not a big fan of stat-raising sims. Could you spoil me on which ones are necessary to unlock each knight? I'm afraid I'm more interested in the story than the trial-and-error it takes to get there. Also, will it be free or commercial?

Hello there! There is in fact a guide you can download on the itch page that will give you some hints (and if you scroll right to the bottom, the outright answers) on what to do. Stat raising is there for the sake of having some gameplay, but I know it's not for everyone.

As for free or commercial, a little of both! You can play up to September in the demo and up to October if you support me on Patreon. However once I've finished November and December I'll start releasing chapters publically, for free. So the patron thing is more like early access!