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Errant Kingdom is a visual novel with text-based elements, which, I assume, means you have to have some interest in reading to appreciate it. I find it ironic that some people don't even bother to read the synopsis/description in this page, to see if the information they are looking for is contained therein, yet play a game of this nature... It says on the very first two lines of this page:

"Errant Kingdom is an episodic release and will update in volumes/chapters on a bi-monthly (once every two months) basis."

If Chapter 3 released yesterday then we can assume the next installment will be up sometime in October.

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@Lunaris Games

Is Flirt the only way to pursue a romantic relationship or will the other options still work if you say something that is agreeable with that character's disposition and or beliefs? Or what we say doesn't matter all that much aside from flavor text and shaping our character?

Let me clarify the latter a bit - is it going to be one of those situations where we get a prompt to choose our love interest and from there on out the path is set, regardless of our dialogue choices? Will we get different endings with said character based on our choices?

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I think Sunscoop already explained this on their first post. According to them, there was a "monk-boy" and a "snake-boy" that apparently got "gender-swapped", hence why they thought this was an otome.

Now, I don't know if this was before the Kickstarter, if they simply mistook this game for another or if they simply saw early sketches/designs and though they were male-looking when they were actual women. This is a Yuri game and from the looks it has been since the beginning... so maybe there was a big misunderstanding here.

Otomes are VNs whose central figurine is a woman pursuing or being pursued by several romantic options, sometimes exclusively male, sometimes mixed. But more often than not its usually male ROs. Since this here is a Yuri game, I don't think calling it an Otome is correct IMO. So yeah, probably Sunscoop misunderstood.

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They made a post about it here.

For future reference, pressing Ctrl + F it will bring up a little search engine in the bottom left corner that you can use to look for something in a page. I typed in "race" and it instantly highlighted the word on the screen (if present) and told me how many matches existed. I pressed the down arrow (next to the input space) to scroll through the several mentions and the last one was a month ago.

Since the authors already replied to that comment, I took the liberty of re-posting their link here. ;)

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Is 20$ the final price or will it increase after the game is finished?

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Being broke is one reason but the way I see it people are leaving because the project has been placed on hiatus until summer of next year. For a lot of folks, that is basically the same as saying the project has been halted completely; which is a good enough reason for them to drop support entirely, at least until you come back.

Even if you promise to do some work on the background, without something to show for it, people are going to have to take your word for it (and after what happened to your previous project, some may be a tad skeptical). Relying on folks to be your financial crutch for 6+ months without giving them something quantifiable in return... is not going to sit well with everyone.

PS: (I'm probably going to get hate for saying all of this... I'm sorry... but I'm just being honest. Everyone else is being supportive and I'm just being a negative nancy but I think listening to the other side of the coin is important as well. I wish you luck in your studies and, if my opinion amounts to anything, I think getting a proper job is probably the best option for you long term. Patreon just isn't reliable.)

I normally tend to save right on top of choices. In this case it was quite early on, when first interacting with Mr. Goat, so it's not that important. ;) I went back and now get what you mean... most VNs I've played tend to show a little thumbnail of the scene, along with some dialogue and the time the save was created. Meanwhile this game uses a simpler form of that. I now understand its not a bug but intentional by design... so nevermind me. :)

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I'm not sure if this is a bug or something else but... after saving, if you go to the loading page, I think there's supposed to be a thumbnail with a little description and the time when said save was created. Yet there's none. You can still load the game if click the slot, but it appears empty.

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It seems to be working as intended now. Thank you for your swift response and efforts! :)

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When I was pressing random keys I also tried clicking with the mouse (inside the window). It did nothing. Pressing the right mouse button brings up a menu (Mute, Skip, Auto-Play, etc). I pressed restart, enlarged the window, hiding/un-hiding interface and, finally,  I tried saving and loading. The latter seemed to have done something as music kicked as soon as it loaded and the regular interface showed up. Though the first time I did this I still couldn't do anything. I tried a second time and the game finally started to work...? Kind of?

Needless to say I don't think this is how the game is supposed to start... ^^; 
If you need any more information just ask! :)

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The game doesn't work for me. Starting the nw-app.exe gives me a black window and pressing keys just brings up a grey arrow on the side, bobbing up and down. Nothing happens.

I downloaded the free, win version. Oh and here are my specs, should they be of any help.

Win 10 x64
Ryzen 5 2600x
RX 480

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It sure would be nice but given this game hasn't received a single update (not even an status update) since 2017, I'd say the chances of it being dead or abandoned are high. I also went and looked for it on Lemma Soft forums and it was the same - last post on 2017. Better look for other games to play instead.

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It shows promise and the artstyle is good but the UI feels a bit too unresponsive at times. Things like trying to input our name (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and sometimes it adds a character I didn't press), most buttons in the options screen don't work at all, clicking the confirmation button to load a save occasionally freezes my game, etc.

Just in case it's needed, here are my specs:
CPU: Ryzen 5 2600X 3.6MHz
GPU: Radeon 480 4GB
OS: Win10 64x

I don't think that's very fitting on a game that is supposed to sweet and adorable... 

Ah, my bad! ^.^;

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Bug: I chose the crab keychain during the shopping event but when they went to eat some pretzels the choices were all about naming a dolphin.
EDIT: Nevermind!

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Hey, look on the bright side - they are working on a new game called Errant Kingdom (it's on the Development Log) so you may want to check that out after WTNC is finished. :)

Yes, chapter 10 is the last.

Whoever your artist is (for both this and WTNC) they deserve a lot of kudos! Their work is amazing. :)

I have a few question though: 
1) Will there be romance and will we be able to chose our pronouns?
2) Will there be a character creation of some kind?
3) Is EK going to be a pure VN or have some RPG elements in the mix?
4) How many chapters are you planning on releasing?
5) Do you have a price in mind for the final product?

This has been asked before. It will be 10 chapters long.

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You can turn off the voices for the characters in the options I think. Also this is your standard yaoi vn... romance plays a major role here. If you're not interested in that then maybe this game just isn't for you. :P

The game is going to be 10 chapters long.

This may seem like a stupid question but... how do you load a save in this game? Every time I click it it just asks if I want to overwrite.

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If you're going to post your content out there for people to download you should at least write a small description about it. What sort of game is this, genre, engine, etc. Don't forget about the tags as well.

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I apologize for bothering you further but I wanted to ask - what inspired you to write the story behind The Glass Coffin?

I can't help but feel this game shares some similarities with a TV series from 2013 called "Hannibal"; Will - a gifted but troubled professor who joins forces with Hannibal, a very intelligent and charismatic psychiatrist to solve a myriad of crimes under the FBI wing. Of course there's more to them than meets the eye (a lot more...! but that would spoilers, lol) and the duo end up forming a special, dare I say, intimate-yet-subtle relationship with each other.

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I suggest adding a "gay" tag to this game to make it easier to find in the future (for those who only want MxM content).

You have a picture of a screen showing the 4 stats but I couldn't find it in-game - will it be a feature in the full demo/game or is just a hidden statistic until we do a NG+? 

The demo feels well paced and the story was gripping enough that it left me wanting for more. Speaking of which, despite having some beef with Belle a small part of me can't help but feel like I'm turning into exactly what I hate about her - manipulative and conniving - at least based on the choices I made and the results I got thereafter.  It's... interesting and conflicting at the same time - makes me question the morality of my actions despite most of them feeling deserved. I feel like my character is growing from an ordinary guy to some sort of anti-hero, maybe even a troubled villain? Of course this is just speculation from my part but I think it's an interesting twist with plenty of potential.

Anyway, I can't wait for the full game! How much will it cost?

PS: And kudos to the artist, both Rei And Jin look amazing (and hot)! <3

Despite being a BxB game I can't find it using the 'gay' tag on the search bar. May want to change that. :P

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Just a head's up to anyone who wants to play this through the Itch Io app - the "Launch" button is configured to start the extraction process, it is NOT an executable for the game itself. After the extraction process is done you have to go to where the files were installed and start the game manually. It's under the "xovv" folder.

How many chapters will this game have and how much will it cost in the end?

Your description says there are "4 playable species with individual backstories and dialogue choices" but in the demo we can only choose one of 3. Is this a typo or we will get another species further down the road?

What sort of pairings do we have? It is exclusively M/F or does it include M/M and F/F?

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It shows potential; the art is good, the story seems interesting and I like the fact it's a full NSFW game focused on M/M relationships... the only downside (though this is just personal opinion) is that I'm not a big fan of stat-raising sims. Could you spoil me on which ones are necessary to unlock each knight? I'm afraid I'm more interested in the story than the trial-and-error it takes to get there. Also, will it be free or commercial?

As far as I know only the guys are romanceable. So it's a GxB type of game.

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It will be free, though anyone is free to donate whatever amount they wish. Just click the download button, choose an amount and voila.