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Hey, look on the bright side - they are working on a new game called Errant Kingdom (it's on the Development Log) so you may want to check that out after WTNC is finished. :)

Yes, chapter 10 is the last.

Whoever your artist is (for both this and WTNC) they deserve a lot of kudos! Their work is amazing. :)

I have a few question though: 
1) Will there be romance and will we be able to chose our pronouns?
2) Will there be a character creation of some kind?
3) Is EK going to be a pure VN or have some RPG elements in the mix?
4) How many chapters are you planning on releasing?
5) Do you have a price in mind for the final product?

This has been asked before. It will be 10 chapters long.

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You can turn off the voices for the characters in the options I think. Also this is your standard yaoi vn... romance plays a major role here. If you're not interested in that then maybe this game just isn't for you. :P

The game is going to be 10 chapters long.

This may seem like a stupid question but... how do you load a save in this game? Every time I click it it just asks if I want to overwrite.

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The devs have been working really hard to get this game up and running; it takes time, effort and money, which is why they have decided to charge for it. To ask the developers how to acquire their game for free is like slapping them in the face. Oh and you can't download commercial (priced) games for free - that's illegal.

If you can't afford the price tag then walk away, get a job or save up until it goes on sale. That's what other people do. Oh and learn some tact - there are somethings you -really- shouldn't say in front of other people. Especially illegal ones. You could land in some hot water for that.

PS: And if you had read some comments bellow yours, you'd have noticed that they already answer when it was going to be released - 2020.

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If you're going to post your content out there for people to download you should at least write a small description about it. What sort of game is this, genre, engine, etc. Don't forget about the tags as well.

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I apologize for bothering you further but I wanted to ask - what inspired you to write the story behind The Glass Coffin?

I can't help but feel this game shares some similarities with a TV series from 2013 called "Hannibal"; Will - a gifted but troubled professor who joins forces with Hannibal, a very intelligent and charismatic psychiatrist to solve a myriad of crimes under the FBI wing. Of course there's more to them than meets the eye (a lot more...! but that would spoilers, lol) and the duo end up forming a special, dare I say, intimate-yet-subtle relationship with each other.

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I suggest adding a "gay" tag to this game to make it easier to find in the future (for those who only want MxM content).

You have a picture of a screen showing the 4 stats but I couldn't find it in-game - will it be a feature in the full demo/game or is just a hidden statistic until we do a NG+? 

The demo feels well paced and the story was gripping enough that it left me wanting for more. Speaking of which, despite having some beef with Belle a small part of me can't help but feel like I'm turning into exactly what I hate about her - manipulative and conniving - at least based on the choices I made and the results I got thereafter.  It's... interesting and conflicting at the same time - makes me question the morality of my actions despite most of them feeling deserved. I feel like my character is growing from an ordinary guy to some sort of anti-hero, maybe even a troubled villain? Of course this is just speculation from my part but I think it's an interesting twist with plenty of potential.

Anyway, I can't wait for the full game! How much will it cost?

PS: And kudos to the artist, both Rei And Jin look amazing (and hot)! <3

Despite being a BxB game I can't find it using the 'gay' tag on the search bar. May want to change that. :P

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Just a head's up to anyone who wants to play this through the Itch Io app - the "Launch" button is configured to start the extraction process, it is NOT an executable for the game itself. After the extraction process is done you have to go to where the files were installed and start the game manually. It's under the "xovv" folder.

How many chapters will this game have and how much will it cost in the end?

Your description says there are "4 playable species with individual backstories and dialogue choices" but in the demo we can only choose one of 3. Is this a typo or we will get another species further down the road?

What sort of pairings do we have? It is exclusively M/F or does it include M/M and F/F?

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It shows potential; the art is good, the story seems interesting and I like the fact it's a full NSFW game focused on M/M relationships... the only downside (though this is just personal opinion) is that I'm not a big fan of stat-raising sims. Could you spoil me on which ones are necessary to unlock each knight? I'm afraid I'm more interested in the story than the trial-and-error it takes to get there. Also, will it be free or commercial?

As far as I know only the guys are romanceable. So it's a GxB type of game.

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It will be free, though anyone is free to donate whatever amount they wish. Just click the download button, choose an amount and voila.

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Congrats on coming this far, can't wait until 24th or 31th for the full release!
I didn't encounter any bugs per se but I did stumble upon some FPS drops  / lagging throughout the game, mostly during with intense animations (such as with rain).

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I watched GG Gab's let's play of it and it peaked my interest, certainly has potential. She dropped a suggestion that some of the comenters (myself included) agree with and that is the game would be even better if came with spanish voice acting (given your accent and nationality) with english subs as translation. Native tongues that aren't english are quite exotic and give a certain "natural" vibe to the game.