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Thank you so much for the comment — glad you enjoyed it!

I agree that the theme is a bit weak, unfortunately. We originally had the idea to do a murder mystery VN where “memory” was used as a mechanic — i.e. the player would have to correctly remember details of the investigation in order to answer multiple choice questions to proceed to the next stage. In implementing that idea, it ended up not really communicating the theme very well. Ultimately we decided it was better to stick with our idea and produce something we were excited about and would be proud of, even if the theme was a little loose! We still learned a lot and had a blast working on this... but I agree that the theme was something we didn’t stick to very well in this jam in the end. Oh well, maybe next time! :)

Thanks again for playing and we hope to have the full game up soon!

- Emma

I think you collectively made a good call there. Great job with the writing by the by! Some of the dialogue lines had me in stitches, especially when paired with Ryan's wonderfully expressive characters!