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Welcome to the first ever Toadhouse Game Jam! *thunderous applause*

During the month of July, you can participate by making your very own visual novel. 
Any engine is allowed.
The theme for the jam is:

alt text: a background with toadhouses scattered about. The text reads: Toadhouse Game Jam. #ToadhouseJam Theme: Memory

The theme is: ✨memory✨

That could be your favourite childhood memory, a day out with your best friend, a cute date, or your favourite holiday. It’s up to you to interpret the theme how you want!

You may do this jam solo or in a team, whatever you wish.

After the theme is announced, our Discord will have voice and chat channels open for participants to hang-out, make teams, and contact staff. Participants are more than welcome to ask both questions about the event and for help with their game.

Participation is open to everyone, not just current Toadhouse members. We are excited to see all of the wonderful games you will create.

Your game must be made during the duration of the jam. Games uploaded before that time period will be removed.

We're also hosting workshops about game development topics featuring industry professionals on Twitch!
Learn more about the workshops here

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Self Care

We are a no crunch studio, and thus, we want to extend those practices to our game jams. Your well-being is priority.
Developing a game in a month is hard! Make sure you're sleeping, eating, exercising, and taking care of yourself. 
We'll be helping you keep the scope of your game small, and encouraging you to get enough rest.

All participants MUST follow the Code of Conduct listed under rules-and-faq in the Toadhouse Discord.

What game engine can I use?
Any game engine is permitted. As long as you make a visual novel with it.

What is a  ''visual novel'' ?
A visual novel (VN) is a game with meaningful storydriven choices as the core game mechanic, VN's are characterised by their flat backgrounds with the speaking character visible on screen.
Mini games or other elements from other genres interspersed are completely okay. 

Can I participate in a team?
Yes! You are welcome to form a team with other Toads. We recommend posting in our game jam channel on our Discord or in the community page on Itch.

Can I join the jam solo?

Is the jam ranked?
It is not ranked! The jam is meant for collaboration and supporting each other in making great games, not competition.

Can I use royalty free art, music and sound?


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A Phoenix Wright-inspired whodunnit set in Victorian England.
Visual Novel
A short visual novel about a visit from an old friend.
Visual Novel
Play in browser
Cook nostalgic meals for your customers and encourage them to open up about their lives.
Visual Novel
to new beginnings and a sense of optimism
Visual Novel
You've been invited to a murder mystery party. What could possibly go wrong?
Visual Novel
A small exploration of anxiety about a possible prom date
Visual Novel
child's play
Visual Novel
A normal game about conflict resolution.
Visual Novel
What became of your companions?
Visual Novel
A story about the jack-o-lantern
Visual Novel
In this visual novel, find the computer virus before it destroys the computer's memory!
Visual Novel
Wander your hometown and remember who you were.
Visual Novel
Accept the reality of your dreams!
Visual Novel