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This game is so hard but it's so fun! I love the art style. I normally don't play bullet hell games but this one is so fun and really captured me. I love the choice of which gun upgrades to actually add to your die!

Wow, this game looks great! I'm impressed you made the opening cinematic (and all the level art!) in this timeframe -- really impressive. I love the background music too. The gameplay was really fun too -- very creative. :)

I could definitely see a game with a risk/reward combat system making really fun use of assigning the dice after rolling!

Thanks for playing and thank you for the kind words!

The art is incredible.  I love every die for a different reason. Overall I loved the concept of this and I can definitely imagine how a fun a full game would be! I liked the song a lot too. Really good job!!

The idea of a ghost casino is so charming. The knockback on the gun feels really  great and I like the shooting sound. We had a similar idea with using dice to powerup different abilities -- was cool to see someone else had an idea for a similar mechanic!

The sound effect for the dice moving is so satisfying. I love the pink background color and the puzzle mechanic is fun and chill. The audio tutorial is so creative and made me laugh a lot. Great job!

This was fun and the sushi with the gun was really funny.

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The art, sound, and the general aesthetic are so good for this. Super creative concept too!

Wow, this art looks amazing!! I love the aesthetic and the meows are really funny. Great game that was satisfying to play. The RNG on where the cheese is hidden can be MEAN though! :P

The little dice men are so cute. :)

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I really like the gameplay -- the lasers were a great touch to force you to roll and swap your gun! (The first time a laser came up I said out loud, "A laser?! How am I supposed to--oh, dodge roll.") Really fun idea and I liked how you used the theme from this year. I also like the classic game board background. Great job!

The art is SO CUTE. I loved the sound effects and music. Just allocating your water and sun felt fun because of the sound effect/feedback. Overall really fun and cute idea!

This was very fun! Once I realized the bar at the top shows which attack you currently have and the timer it got a lot easier to be strategic. I really liked all three attacks and the little dice enemies were really cute. I would have loved some SFX or background music to really set the ambiance, but I enjoyed this a lot nonetheless!

I love the art and aesthetic for this!

This was cute! I like the little cat scratch effect. I couldn't figure out how to play initially and I kept clicking the dice to try to move it away from things and then the game would end LOL. Once we figured it out it was cute and stressful to protect all my dice.

I love the art!

The art is SO creative -- I love the cardboard box that we're rolling in and the papercraft aesthetic. This was overall such a fun and unique idea. Great job!

This was so fun and relaxing -- and the art looks great! It reminded me of solving a rubix cube. It was really fun to watch our brain-fried coder struggling to figure out the pattern to get the correct face up. :)

This was frantic and very fun! Chucking guns and kicking pterodactyls never felt so good. 

Great work , everyone!

Thank you! Best of luck on your puzzle game!

Thank you so much for the comment — glad you enjoyed it!

I agree that the theme is a bit weak, unfortunately. We originally had the idea to do a murder mystery VN where “memory” was used as a mechanic — i.e. the player would have to correctly remember details of the investigation in order to answer multiple choice questions to proceed to the next stage. In implementing that idea, it ended up not really communicating the theme very well. Ultimately we decided it was better to stick with our idea and produce something we were excited about and would be proud of, even if the theme was a little loose! We still learned a lot and had a blast working on this... but I agree that the theme was something we didn’t stick to very well in this jam in the end. Oh well, maybe next time! :)

Thanks again for playing and we hope to have the full game up soon!

- Emma

Thank you so much for playing! We poured our heart and soul into this over the last month and are very eager to continue working on it!

- Ryan

Our team is planning on using Godot! We're hoping that doing it "from scratch" will be good experience for our team. 
(We'll see how that plays out!)

There were some bugs and typos, but the gameplay was plenty fun!  We all gathered around and played through it multiple times to solve the mystery! Very fun!

Wonderful art!

Really clever puzzle idea! The movement sfx was a little grating, but the art was excellent! Well done!

Absolutely brilliant. Well done!

REALLY nice polish on the visuals here on top of an engaging concept--nice work! It was a bit strange that the enemies you control tend to move faster than the bullets they shoot. Good luck on the ratings!

Thanks for playing!  This was our artist's first time making art for a jam, so I'm glad you loved their work!

The art and music are excellent! Overall the game feels nice and polished--the gameplay is simple, but it's a good theme fit. Thanks for making this!

Thanks Kezley! We're glad you enjoyed it!

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Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, we originally had a level-select from the menu, and retries after losing. After discussion, though, we decided that, in a jam environment, it was more important that we put the player on a streamlined course where after losing a race you just advance to whatever's next. We decided to err on the side of the player sampling all of the levels, and all of the work our asset team produced, rather than having them play the same levels multiple times and risk them quitting or getting frustrated before seeing everything. But it's a good observation that that's unnecessary on the final race. In a "real" game version, we'd have a level select, and give players the option to either retry a race or go back to the menu.

Running into a black screen on one of the later levels as well.

Otherwise, visuals look INCREDIBLE--props to your artist! Music is an absolute bop as well. Really could see some fun Mega Man vibes coming from a game like this that was developed more after the jam.

Cute game! I really dig the sprite work! 

This was very fun! The frantic gameplay kept me engaged and the visuals were quite nice too!

Really enjoyed this mechanic! It was easy to pickup on and fun to dodge your own bullets. Reminds me a bit of some of the powerups in Enter the Gungeon--nice work!

This is the most fun game I've played so far in the jam. Really nice job! The gameplay is simple, but addictive.

The sound effects and visuals really make this juicy and fun to play. ANOTHER DAY WITH THE BOOOOOOYZZZ

This was fun! I really started taking off towards the end and just careened into the sky hahaha.

The pigs looked delightful!