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And something else, Haxor, please read this comment to the end. I have a lot of ideas, for example: bonuses and anti-bonuses (for example, the bonus "the only CPU on the market" is the multiplier of sales 1.5, or the anti-bonus "very old socket" multiplier of sales 0.3); achievements: "To name your company in honor of the existing"; "The best CPU" (CPU rating should be 100/100); cooling systems. And that's not all my ideas.

I would tell you to join the Discord, there is a Suggestions Channel there, and you can talk directly to Haxor.

I always read comments to the end lol
The sale formula will recieve a major overhaul, which will make it depend on many more variables (inluding market and used technology), probably around June 2021.
I have lots of achievements planned out, and in 0.2.7 I've added 2 tiny easter-eggs related to names already.
TDP and heat etc. are something I want to add, I don't know how I'll integrate it to the existing gameplay just yet though