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Me and Orangeninja found that literally months ago. Join the discord if you want to know more about modding and stuff.

That moment when you realize that Haxor is talking how something that we will never see will look like.

I Name mines according to the number that they are, the first is C1, the second C2, and so on

Join the Discord, every beta will be announced there : )

When will we see Hardware Tycoon Condeco Edition, for only 0.99€?

I would tell you to join the Discord, there is a Suggestions Channel there, and you can talk directly to Haxor.

5 months later, Cof Cof, join the discord for HT modding and to get raped

Loved the game, i would call it Swat 4 and Hotline Miami in one game. Found some bugs, but nothing major.

So, i made my character, and when i click "export" it does nothing

Hello, first i want to say, amazing tool, but how to export the characters ? Also, will there be a Windows version?

Congrats! You deserve it. 

Will join the discord ASAP

Also, if you need help setting  up the server, i can help

Game: You should add motherboards, and make it like we can do bundles, promotions(that increase sales, etc.

Server: Give roles to supporters, like, if someone is helping you with ideas or something they will get special roles like a level up

Windows, version?

Any tips for making a mod for the game?

"Uptade to tell you that i'm not dead"-Haxor 2017

Good, because I love the game

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way better, but I think that the game  will be to easy if we could research and develop at the same time

There's enough content to put it in Early Access

Trust me, you should go to kickstarter  and ask $90 to put the game on steam,

Will there be more options? I reached 1992 and I didn't had nothing more to research/do. 

And what about  more hardware options, RAM, Video card, motherboards, etc.

 will there be mod support? 

And finally why don't you release the game on steam, chrome webstore , etc.?