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Interesting. I enjoyed the premise and the novelty of being thrust into this unusual situation and smoothly morphing into the role of the chef and catering to each customer's request. I found it neat how the player could inject a little of their own personality into each exchange,  showing greater or lesser interest in the conversation.

One thing that stood out to me, alas, was how the flow of each memory became a little stilted with the perfunctory pacing of the Ren'Py engine. Having each line instantly delivered with each click lent an impatient air to each scene -that you were speedrunning a person's memory as opposed to letting it absorb you. It also meant that clicking too swiftly meant that the changes in audio became a little jarring.

If the concept was to be expanded on, I think I'd prefer to see the dialogue for a customer's memory be delivered as a cutscene with kinetic typography or voice acting so as to better draw the player into the customer's world at a more established pace; it's the customer's moment for reflection - why rush them?

Nevertheless, a fascinating concept to explore!


Thank you so much for the feedback! 

I totally understand what you're saying about the Renpy's pacing 😄 I'm sure there are functionalities we have yet to uncover in Renpy to make the text flow dynamically with the story.

If the game is to be expanded on then yess we would definitely go for more visual elements 😄 At least more backgrounds for the flashbacks haha!

Thank you for taking the time to play the game and give us feedback! 😄


Thanks so much for the detailed feedback and for playing our game! I’m so glad you enjoyed the concept and story! All of us were relatively new to Ren’py so this was definitely a learning experience for us, but with regard to adding more visual elements and dynamic text, that’s something we’d love to experiment with even on our individual projects going forward. We did have plans to have unique backgrounds per memory, but those were scrapped for MVP. 

Once again, the feedback is much, much appreciated!!