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So glad you enjoyed the aesthetic of the game!!! And that's really great feedback, thank you so much!! It does sound like a more concrete minute-to-minute gameplay loop centered around orders is something people would enjoy if we developed this game further, so we'll definitely consider adding something in for retention purposes!

We could all definitely use more Superlative Energy Drinks in our lives, hehe!

Thank you!! We intended this to be more of a sandbox, but we have considered adding more actual crafting goals to a future version of this game if we do continue working on it! Glad you enjoyed playing around!!!

Thanks so much for your kind feedback, and for playing!! We wanted to be generous and encourage players to use their ingredients to experiment rather than making them hoard them, so I'm really glad that worked out!! And we're so happy to hear that you were able to find all the recipes!! 

It's really great to know about that bug, and that's definitely something we'd like to fix if we continue working on this :D thanks so much again for playing!! 

Thanks so much for playing!! That's a really good point! We didn't have a lot of time to balance the economy, so we figured we'd err on the side of more generous so players can more easily experiment with ingredients to try making all the recipes - definitely something we'd wanna tweak if we ever continue development on this, along with possibly doing more with quality tiers of ingredients so it makes more sense to try to buy all the things!

Hi!! Thanks so much for playing, and sorry for the late response!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the overall aesthetic - we had a lot of fun putting it all together! <3 

Particles are a great idea! That's something I'd def love to explore if we continue working on this game, along with balancing the economy, adding more visible power ups that we didn't have time for, etc. Thanks for the suggestion!

We unfortunately didn't have the time to implement a win state, which is rough because it is a "make all the things!" kind of game, so that's something we'd def wanna prioritize adding in the future! That aside, I am SO excited that you were able to actually finish the game!!! Congratulations and thanks so much again for playing!!!

I am in love with how pure and wholesome this game is ;_; the writing has so much heart, the characters are so loveable, the art is so adorable!! Thank you for sharing this game with the world Feli and Vince <3 I'm lookin forward to more OCACHET content in the future!!! 

What a stylish and fun game!! I had a great time playing this!!!

It was a little unclear to me in general what the benefits of changing the colour of my health bar were, and which coloured sprays would destroy which enemies. I feel like I was able to play a lot by guessing but I still couldn't figure it out in the end! But I love the concept, it's super novel and interesting, and the art style is super cute! Wonderful job!!!

(FYI your browser build doesn't seem to work for me! My feedback is based on the Windows build I downloaded)

Love the ambient feel and theme of this game! Very cool concept!

I may have unfortunately soft locked myself by trying to drag the red crystal on top of an existing item in another slot, which made me lose the crystal entirely, and I couldn't find another one. Still, I had fun playing! It may have been a little more helpful if the item descriptions aligned more closely with the hints given when testing whether the ship's systems worked or not, since I just ended up trial-and-erroring my way through each section one at a time until I found an item that worked. But if that was the intention, then all good!!

Great job overall!!

This was a really fun game to play!! It took me a long time to figure out that X was how I cancelled out of customizing a tower, so that was a lil frustrating initially, but once I learned that things went a lot smoother!

It was very satisfying seeing the targets get destroyed by upgrades, and really cool that different upgrades did different things depending on what slot you placed them in! I also love the overall "retro game cartridge" vibe that the game exudes with the music and art really adding to the effect! Overall I didn't personally feel like I was "crafting" the towers, but I do appreciate the unique spin on the theme ;)

It would've been cool to have slightly less random upgrades as well - it could also be that I'm really bad at these kinds of games, but it did feel like I got pretty unlucky with my rotating orbs and random bursts missing a lot of targets even in early levels (though I still managed to get through them okay!)

I also feel like the sound effect for when a target got through sounded more positive than negative, so I couldn't tell that I was doing badly if I wasn't paying attention! Tho I do appreciate that the waves were pretty small and manageable so I didn't struggle too hard there either.

Amazing work!!!

Thanks so much for leaving such a detailed comment and such kind feedback!!! The whole team really appreciates it!! <3

There were def a lot more moment-to-moment mechanics and quality of life improvements we would've liked to add if we'd had more time! We wanted to make the game more clicker-esque, so the crafting speed increase was a shop item you could buy and upgrade, you could have an upgrade to auto-stir, etc, and we even considered an ingredient harvesting system at some point! Unfortunately we had to cut a lot of those features because of the time limitation, but we would love to come back to the game some time and add heavier clicker mechanics in a future v2 maybe!! It's great to hear that those are things that the game could benefit from!

I uploaded a .zip version of the Windows build instead, please let me know if that works! Thanks so much for pointing this out, I really appreciate it!!

I uploaded a .zip version of the Windows build instead, please let me know if that works! Thanks so much for pointing this out, I really appreciate it!!