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Wait, this was your first game on Unreal Engine? This is great! Especially for a first game. I mean, I can TELL it's an older game of yours, but all I can find that's negative is MAYBE the lighting at some points lol. The ambiance is crazy spooky, the characters are spot-on. I absolutely loved Barry the Bear. I WANT MOAR BARRY. The game itself reminds me hardcore of the toy store stage from the PS1 Rugrats game. Brings back awesome memories. It'd be pretty cool to see a more polished 'sequel' to this game, maybe? I can tell you've come a long way and I'm crazy proud of you man! I can't wait to see what you do in the future of your developing career. Thanks for making and uploading this!

Yeah, I'm definitely gonna try to make a remaster of this game in the future, with polished graphics, models, more gameplay and areas to explore. PS: Berry just might make an appearance as a rare secret monster in my new game.

omg I’d love that xD