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When you pay $51.99 do you get the full game, the art book, AND the beta or just the full game and art book? If it's the latter how much for all three?

You get full game, art book, and beta.

Oh okay! Thank you! ^^ I'm sorry if I asked a question that was answered a million times over. I didn't really check out all the comments.

You're their customer, so I think that it's only polite for them to be appreciative of your interest. ^^

True enough, but I always think I'm annoying when I ask questions. It's just a thing with me.

You're not being annoying at all ^^

That's good to know. I should be able to buy the bundle I asked about the 3rd of next month, so hopeful I won't be too late on that. :)

Hehe, you seem like a sweetie~

You and Meyaoi Games are much sweeter than me. 

Awww, not true, but thanks anyway~