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Plenty of bara games in English. This one is yaoi.

Well, I'm very excited about the voiced update! I can't wait to get the game!

I'm so happy to hear that! Good luck :3

Well, I'm glad I came across this ^^ The uke is really cute. I like the love interests, can't choose my favorite yet, torn between the brothers, hahah. I can't wait to play the game, but you take your time of course ;)

People have been asking that for weeks now, but it doesn't seem like we'll get an answer any time soon :/

Thank you!

Does anyone know how to solve the pink bear's ghost problem?

If the creators would be so kind to address this issue.

Awww, not true, but thanks anyway~

Hehe, you seem like a sweetie~

You're their customer, so I think that it's only polite for them to be appreciative of your interest. ^^

What are the chances of the official release date being postponed again?

I don't want a refund for now, I am happy to wait. There's only one concern I must address: if you guys don't manage to finish the game, can we expect refunds in that case?