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Thank you! I'm using game maker!

Amazing! I used to use that, but moved over to Godot because I'm cheap :P

Still, though, excellent work all around. Do you create your own music and sound?

Yes! I do everything in this game haha(in fact i'm still learning how to do good sound effects, but i'll get there eventually)! And nice! Godot is a good engine, i know a lot of devs that use it.

If you don't mind giving up your solo cred, I'd be happy to team up. Sound and music is my specialty. You certainly have good sound already, that can't be denied, but I feel a little extra touch could bring some more life into it.

Thank you for the offer. at least for now i'll continue doing my own music/sound effects, but if in some moment help is needed i could contact you. Do you have a site or portfolio that i can follow?

As for sound effects, you could view my game AI: Wild & Free, available here on Itch. For music, I have a soundcloud and bandcamp. I'm actually currently working on a portfolio video atm, made up of content I've created over the past couple years. I can give you a link to that when it's finished, if you like. :)