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Thanks for replying. I do think there is a place to goof off in this thing. Was kinda hoping that it could be made a bit clear in the initial choice, maybe professional "professional slacker/neckbeard/cringelord". For me personally I was expecting shenanigans about magic system or contracts and was quite blindsided, seeing that crayola medallion made me go "No, bad game." like I was scolding a dog but with a smile on my face.

I do know very well that feeling when making a poor decision early on, it is hard to change as development has picked up. I was also thinking that there isn't a background for someone with physical fitness or athletic person who could help out in the expeditions (or was it explorations). But regardless you have made an amazing VN and this has been joy to go through. 


An athlete background would have been really cool, yeah 

Shit why didn't we think of it? 

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Well there's always workshopping as the game goes along... Though I would had though Leader background would fit for the athlete background as well. Something like Captain maybe? After all people look up a lot to those in sports and a big part of team games is knowing when and how to follow and when to lead. 

The thing about the speedrunner background though. It's the most achingly human and modern of the paths. Here you/the player is flailing about socially and physically. Seen in a lowly light and causing wincing to other people you interact with. You have existences a lot older, gotten themselves together better or more refined than you wincing and considering you lower than human or just have bad taste. And yet (hopefully) you're doing your best, muddling through life like every other average joe. Meeting and bonding with Asterion seems more like a blessing to you the player. Somebody who has been degraded to be less than human all their life and afterlife finds somebody with similar enough circumstance and chooses as a person to bond with them.

Even as everybody involved cringes. Honestly I'm waiting for like even the narration to dunk on the Speedrunner master.