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I absolutely adore this game, despite being in development i can already see how well it is coming along and i already love the little interactions between Ro_bit and the humans in his surroundings. I found the controls a little hard to get use to but as i progressed in the game i got used to them. I have got stuck after obtaining a green cylinder, i dont know what to do with it so i assume thats the end of the demo.I cant help but wonder if you could answer back on how the games coming along and will you be posting about your progress? I think it a splendid idea about putting this game on console as well as PC as it gives you a wider audience. Do you have this game on kick-starter? as i feel people will really appreciate the game there as well. I just want this game and you to succeed, good luck :)

edit: i got past the green capsule puzzle and am now stuck in front of a yellow gate with face

I am glad you enjoyed it. And thank you so much for you encouragement. I liked your question about updating on progress. I didn't realize this site had a forum until today so I set up a Devlog that I will try to update when I have progress. https://itch.io/t/34394/ro-bit-devlog I do not have a kick-starter for Ro_bit, but that is something I have considered.

Thanks again for you feedback.