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Hello TSR! This is truly amazing piece of work, first, thank you for that.
Second, can you please help me? I want to "play event" when you put event on place (throw event option), but I don't want to use hard-coded event ID for this. How can I do that? I mean, if you hold any item and put it on specific place, then do something. Thanks!

Hello, the script call to check if an event was thrown at a specific spot is:

$gamePlayer.hasThrownEvent(eventId, x, y)

But if you want to 'play' the event when it reach the ground (anywhere), use the notetag: <pickup event: A>  where A is the id of the self switch of that event. So when that event reach the ground after being thrown, it turn it self switch A ON, and whatever happen on the new event page is up to you.

Hope that help.

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so..there is no way to use "this event" instead of event id? okay.

also, this didn't worked for me, sadly :( I used check condition $gamePlayer.hasThrownEvent(1, 16, 12) on position 16,12, and placed an event with ID1 on that spot and didn't worked. I have no idea why.

Edit: but I can manage this by <pickup event: A>, and conditions on that "A" page. Thanks!