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Hello,  yes it's ok to suggest, but not on itch.

Please, state your suggestions on the forum thread, or join my discord to discuss about it.



No, I don't do commission. I'm too busy at the moment, sorry.


Hello, the script call to check if an event was thrown at a specific spot is:

$gamePlayer.hasThrownEvent(eventId, x, y)

But if you want to 'play' the event when it reach the ground (anywhere), use the notetag: <pickup event: A>  where A is the id of the self switch of that event. So when that event reach the ground after being thrown, it turn it self switch A ON, and whatever happen on the new event page is up to you.

Hope that help.

Hello again! 

It seems your setup is fine, but you might have a slight error in your notetag. According to the notetag  you have shown, you have 10 arguments instead of 11. It's not a problem cause omitting the last argument 'hidden' is the same as setting it to False so the overlay will be visible by default. But that also means that the last argument of your notetag which you set to 'True' is actually the Battle argument. As stated in the instructions, Animated overlays can only be shown on the Map OR in battle. So if you set the battle argument to 1 (or true), the overlay will appear only in battle (so if you have ran a test on map, it's normal you couldnt see it)...

Also, a frame rate of 1 will give a glitching animation cause the images will update each game frame (that is 60 times a second). I recommand using a frame rate around 12 like most of the default sprite animation. (but maybe that's what you wanted, so I'm just saying)...

Hope that help a bit. Let me know if the problem persist.


I don’t need to ‘look’ at anyone code to do that. It’s just that I don’t see the use for it. 

You don’t have to set a whole area with a region, but with multiple region ids. This is actually very versatil and won’t interfere with other uses of the same region ids. 

Like, if you have a snow area where you use regions 1, 2 and 3 for whatever purpose; just set those regions in the footstep map notetag, and cover the remaining snow tiles that aren’t region 1, 2 or 3 to region 4 (which you add to the notetag too). 

That said, I can easily add a parameter to choose between region or tag. But that will have to wait a bit cause I won’t have access to my computer for a couple days.

No, only battle popups.

There’s a link to my plugins discord channels in my signature on the Forum.

Hello, only region id. But, why would you favor tag over regions?

Hello and thank you for your comment.

You did it right,  but you probably just entered the opacity value in the plugin command and left the other empty. Even if the x, y and z doesn't change, you have to give them values (same as notetag if they don't change), otherwise plugin don't know where to put the overlay and it doesn't show...

I will make an update later so you only have to enter the values you need to change.


Hello, change the text at line 3460 in the plugin file.


Hello Luiz, I can add parameters to set the number of frame for the character anim. But how look the character sprite sheet you're using?

Please join my discord for further support with my plugins:

Glad to here that. I look forward seeing your game ;)


I know nothing about Enigma Virtual Box and what it actually does  to the game files... But what I can tell is that my plugin have been tested several times on deployed MV projects, both on PC and Mac, by me and many other users. And of course, saving game usually works (that's kind of the main feature of the plugin).

Beside, it's hard for me to tell what exactly happen here, cause even though my plugin heavily change the save scene and its behavior, when it come to actually save the game data, it use the default save methods of the core script...

What you could do first is providing a little more details about the 'bug', like you said save doesn't work; does the game crash on saving? Or it does like it is saving (playing the save sound and all), but doesn't change the save slot? Or it play the 'buzzer' sound when trying to save?

Also, you might want to try to delete my plugin from your project, deploy your project and turn it into .exe file with Virtual Box, and see if you can save a game file from the default scene.

I would like to help, but I'm kind of clueless right now...



Hello. There's a link in my RPG Maker Forum signature.

Thank you! ;)

How do you check the event position in the parallel event? For what you described, I think you use: $gameMap.event(eventId).pos(x, y)...

This is a default call to check event position on map and can be used for push/pull event, but not pickup event.

To check where a pickup event as landed, use: $gamePlayer.hasThrownEvent(eventId, x, y)

The example above will reset player and event position whenever player has thrown the event 8 at position x26, y19.

Hello again, and thank you for reporting that!

But I would need a bit more details on how the bug occured in order to track it down. You said it's when the player pick up an event again (after having thrown it, I guesss), and then when it move/transition..?  (not sure what you mean by that...)

"Make an event that was throwable not" Do you mean that you can't pick it up again after you thrown it once? If so, no need for a 'call', you only need to switch the event to another page that doesn't have the <pickup event> tag. 

I just created a discord channel for providing support for my plugins. You can join it if you have more questions:

Hello, you can try: $gamePlayer.throwPickup();

Thank you!

Hello, sorry I had removed the link to upload a new version. Now I put it back, thank you!

Hello! It doesn't work in MV because of the plugin commands. I have to do a specific version for MV, it's on the todo list.

Hello, it work with event comment tag which are specific to the event page, so yeah you could do something like that. Example: when the event is on page A (no tag), the player can't move it, then you switch it to page B (which has the tag), and now player can move it... But I might think of something better for further version, stay tune!

Glad to hear that.

Good luck with your project!

Hello. First time anyone report this bug. You need to give more details about what other plugins you're using and in what order they are in the plugin manager. Also, what are the 'things' you're trying to add to the general list. Also you need to check if bug occurs when you add 'things' to general section (which is always present), OR when you add other sections.

And finally, my itchio account isn't the right platform for support.  It would be better if you could post your problem in the RPG Web forum thread of the plugin:

Or pm me on the RPG Web forum.

Or contact me on discord.

Thank you!

Thanks, man!

Hello! I made this one in november, before I started working with MZ, otherwise I would have made it works for both engines... I'm currently building my plugin library for MZ. An Equip Scene plugin will be in the lot for sure, but I can't tell when I'll start working on that, though... Thank you and stay tune!


Thank you for playing the game and reporting that :)  I'll check about that bug and post new versions when ready. Thanks again!

Hello! I've tried SRD Shaking Text Plugin and it will show the custom colors if my Plugin is above in the plugins manager. The only part that doesn't work is the gradient colors, SRD plugin will only show the second color of the gradient. This can't be fixed within my Plugin. Changes has to be made in SRD Plugin so it can call my plugin functions to use gradient colors.

Thank you!