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Note that this feedback is based on the build(s) available at the end of the jam.

Signal bounce feels like an interesting concept. The notion of changing the world around a target in order to keep it safe like some kind of inverse Flappy Bird appeals to me.

The implementation here, however, feels like it leads towards chaotic gameplay. The game feels like it wants to be about guiding and maneuvering the ball through oncoming waves of penguins, but seems to end up giving the greatest rewards to launching the ball as high into the air as possible and hoping it doesn't hit anything on the way down.

Some form of ceiling to contain the ball within the penguin-populated area feels like it would go along way toward making control more viable. If that ceiling stayed parallel to the floor, that would allow for exerting downward force on the ball to avoid a penguin, and could offer further opportunities for varying gameplay by flipping gravity.

Penguin sounds are always delightful, and I appreciate the way its jarring nature emphasises failure.

I suspect that most players won't notice, but I absolutely dig the way that the background audio changes with the waveform of the floor. Conceptually, I'd love it even more if adjusting the amplitude of the waveform affected the amplitude of the audio, but I suspect that in practice, that would be irritating.

I didn't manage to get a score much higher than 35, and I found the game most interesting when trying to focus on ball control (this invariably lead to lower scores, though). I did enjoy playing it though!

Thanks for submitting and best of luck with the project if you decide to continue development! :D