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This game was definitely different. In a good way!! I loved the mixture of a (well made) baseball game and a low-poly horror game. The sounds and atmosphere really give the feel of no hope. I've been addicted to the low-poly style and you did amazing with this. I loved the seemingly never ending aspect of it. (I didn't beat it so I'm still unsure if there is an ending or not lolol) I can't think of any improvements and if you made a game with a bunch of similar games to this one (maybe other low-poly horror scenarios mixed with different sports?) I would definitely spend money to play an arcade version with a game-selection screen type thingie. Thanks for making this!

Great video!  Thanks so much for playing.  There is an ending, but it is not easy to get to.  I've been considering other Horror Sports mini-games since I had so much fun making this one...  if I could find a novel twist for each one perhaps. 


thank you! And I say go for it!! I feel like you’re onto something here!