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You're very welcome, buddy. :) And I'm glad that I spotted the inspiration! :D Good ol' eagle eyes, c'aaawww (yes, that was definitely a sound an eagle makes...)!

Suggestions / ideas:
- you could add a card type, that combines movement and attack (would be a pretty rare card, obviously; inspired by the queen in chess)
- I think the flying 'eyeball-bats' should be capable with flying over the void as well, but I'm not sure if that's too unbalanced with the actual level design or not
- you could try out a three-hit-point-system instead of a single-hit-point-system and add a 'Healing card' (maybe just one hit point per heal and making that card kind of rare as well) and according to that the attack strength of the monsters could differ (slimes could do two damage points, eyeball-bats one damage point etc.) - but the single-hit-point-system is lovely as well! Would be more of an experiment.
- possible new enemy types: could vary in their attacking style (like, being able to attack diagonal as well, wide-range attacks etc.) or movement style (I'm somehow thinking of a spider that's able to move from one corner to another directly, like the rook in chess)

Well, I hope that these notes help you somehow. :) And thanks for the hint about your other stuff, I'll definitely take a look at it!

Best wishes,


Yeah, thanks a lot! Some of these stuff I had thought about, I just got a bit stuck in the base mechanics and I'm not sure I'm completly satisfied with them. i definitely made a mistake reducing health to one in the last hour of the jam, I felt the game was too easy and had so little content might as well make it very punishing. For most of the time I actually had it with 10HP, you could not attack the air, and you could redraw your hand by taking 1 damage.

I'll probably make a very similar but very different game, from the ground up and with a bigger scope in mind, trying to make it really replayable with a progression system or something.

Thanks for everything! :) What a lovely job you do