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Thank you for your game and visual educational tool! Next time I teach someone binary search tree, I would certainly let them play few level of this game.

I am not sure that this is a part of the challenge or not. Would you mind adding an inverted pyramid on the main screen so that players can tell which layers or even blocks the stars are in? Also, a sorting function for the given list would be very helpful.

Again, this is a very nice puzzle game. Thank you.

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Thanks for playing and the feedback! Always fun to sneak in a bit of education to unsuspecting gamers ;)

I actually did have a pyramid like grid for the possible positions earlier on in the (whole 2 day) development cycle but decided to leave it out because of the mechanic introduced in the last few levels (which even didn't end up being that great). So I played the game mostly with the grid on myself and then when I disabled it, I had gotten so used to the positions that I didn't notice the necessity of it. Will definitely put it back in if I decide to do some kind of post-jam version of the game.