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I alreay started a new game, made much more progess, and ran into game over. XD

I build 20 hospital but the risk bar never drop below 100%. The sense of not making any progress doesn't feel good. On top pf that, if I want to build more hospital and build faster, I need more population to provide me tax. This would make the risk event higher.

in addition, when the work force reduce by rito or fire, player has only two options: do nothing, or build more house to get work force. This make my risk management even more broken.

I like your idea of this game. I never see other game like this. but in my oppion, the negative feedback loop on risk is too strong for an "idle" game.


I am not sure this is a bug or not:

If you don't have any hospital. The pandemic would never end. However, it won't go worse. Paying the pandemic upkeep is much eaier than building hospital.

Could you provide a save export method? My save is gone even if I logged in.

Also, are itch and production website use the same account? It seems like my account can not login production website.


This is a great game with lots of fun. I can't wait to see the future update.

I was wondering if you might reduce the difficulty in the earily stage. Keeping the income blance is already difficult for new player. The  fire/riot makes the blance even more fragile. They are nothing in the later game. But in the beginning, tt is frustrated because we can only sit through the minues-long event and see the gold drain out.

Thanks for the hint. Yet, I am still stuck at the last platform like the video below @_@

Thanks for the short but fun platformer.

Is the Island reachable? Am I missing something other than double jump?

Really fun game!

The charater is cute but why our bunny has infinite neck?

Thanks for the nice game.  I have reach the top of the tower.

it feels like we should active The red windmills. does anyone know how many red windmills are in the game?

Thanks for creating this game. It is fun.

The only downside is the text. it is painful to read any description with this visual effect.

(1 edit)

Bug Report:

1. Holding A or D when you are droping onto the elevators, the elevator won't push you up.

2. (pic related) In Level 15, if we use the conveyor to sent two boxes, the scond box would just collapse with the first box. Also, because what ever sent by the conveyor won't move the first box, player can just ignore left part of the the puzzle and go to the goal directly.

3. (pic related) you can collapse the box with the player by moving the player to the dropping box.


Good game. However,

Why nobody comments about the chopped off hand(s)?!

I can tell this could be a great game.  However, there are just too many bug when I run it.

As the picture show below, 

1. I should have 5 well, but one of them just dispear when I place it next to the city center.

2. The well on the left top always locked at the selected stage. Makes it non-interactable.

3. No matter how I move, rotate, or flip the mine, it go back to where I initialize it.

As the picture shows, the street is not showing correctly and makes this part of the game non-playable.

Do you have plan on using full width char set or programing font for <pre>?

Thanks for creating this game. The concept is awsome!

I think some of the chess need more balance. Here are some of the through after I play the game:

1. The ability of removing Pawn is op. Not only we can move Rook at the first turn but also we can buy more Rook with the refund. 

2. Pawns need the promotion system to be useful.

3. 8 Rook (40 points) at the first line makes an easy win in all difficuties. In many case, it even casuse a one turn kill.

4. A surrender button wloud be great when there is no hope of winning.

I don't know how I triggered this bug. When I push the block cross the factory from right to left, I pushed the original arrow box forward and leaved the new arrow block behind.

Anyway, thank you for your great puzzle.

Bug Report:

If you touch the cop from behind, the cop would shoot a bullet. Nobody became ghost but the game would freeze.

Thank you for your game and visual educational tool! Next time I teach someone binary search tree, I would certainly let them play few level of this game.

I am not sure that this is a part of the challenge or not. Would you mind adding an inverted pyramid on the main screen so that players can tell which layers or even blocks the stars are in? Also, a sorting function for the given list would be very helpful.

Again, this is a very nice puzzle game. Thank you.