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Hi Andrea, I enjoyed the game but I think the decision to go with partner violence (you can edit my comment to remove spoilers, if you like) reduced the impact of the game's reveal. My first reading of the game, as a story of stalking and unwanted advances, was impactful because it flipped the genders that are normally involved in this sort of thing.


It's not a simple story of stalking and unwanted advances.
Neither is specified that there's any partner violence involved (the mologue is just a hypothetical raving on a corpse).
If the corpse you play as is the same guy she loved, or if he's been killed by her, is entirely up to you.
The ending bonus content, the letter, helps you to understand the woman's background. What happened before the game's events.
Everything that happens after she receive that letter is hidden among her ravings. The game develops its story keeping you on the edge of that ambiguous sense of love-hate uneasiness.
I hope that it will clear things up a bit.
Play it again with a fresh mind or just watch this let's play to see a good possible story interpretation.
Also, I'm afraid that there's no gender exclusivity regarding this kind of serious mental disorders.
By the way, this was the story I wanted to tell, in the way I wanted to do it.
Love it or hate it. It won't change.
Thanks for playing.


You're very right. I'm sorry for implying that you should change your vision.