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Thanks for the clarification, looking forward to more of your games!

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The rulebook for this game could use some extra detail.

1. When cards are discarded, are discarded cards shuffled back into the Scraps deck? Are they shuffled back in when the Scraps deck is empty, or whenever cards are discarded?

2. When a snack is purchased using Boldness, are the scraps that were used discarded, or do they stay in the hand?

3. Can more than one snack be purchased in a single turn? 

4. Snack cards have victory points, but these are not mentioned in the rulebook. Are they used to score the overall winner, or do only the snack cards that are held in your hand count towards victory?

5. It would be good to clarify on Event cards' texts that they only apply to the person who drew the event, not to every player who drew cards so far in this round. "Discard all cards drawn this round" sounds like it might apply to everyone, but "Discard all of the cards you drew this round" is better.

6. The text for Swoop is confusing. My understanding is that Snack cards don't become part of your hand normally --- although the rulebook makes it sound like they do with the text: "the cards you already have in your hand (other than Snack cards)". So when you play Swoop, the player you're swooping shuffles their hand and their snack cards together, then holds the bundle out to you so that you can steal a random card (which may be a snack). After the card is stolen, the player again separates their snacks from their hand.

I printed this game and it's quite good for younger players. My biggest criticism of it for older players is that it's easy to know when it is safe to keep drawing cards from a colour: once 2 yellow monsters are revealed, all yellow cards are safe, ditto for 3 pink monsters, and for 4 blue monsters. I think that the game would benefit from, say, increasing the number of monsters by a little, cutting a quarter of the deck and leaving it out of the game, and splitting the remainder into the draw decks. It would mean that you have some rough idea of how dangerous each colour is, without knowing for sure how many monsters exist in each colour.

I find it hard to visually differentiate between kit pieces, and I find myself leaning on the object names to help with that. However, the tooltips for object names have a ~ 1 second delay before they are shown on-screen, which reaaaally slows me down.

Can you please add an option that controls tooltip delay? I personally prefer a delay of zero, but others may differ.

THIS IS SO GOOD. I feel like I have found a kindred spirit. I will re-evaluate my donation price :)

Looks and feels fantastic, great job!

You're very right. I'm sorry for implying that you should change your vision.

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Hi Andrea, I enjoyed the game but I think the decision to go with partner violence (you can edit my comment to remove spoilers, if you like) reduced the impact of the game's reveal. My first reading of the game, as a story of stalking and unwanted advances, was impactful because it flipped the genders that are normally involved in this sort of thing.

Same. Possibly an issue with multiple monitors: the developer hasn't locked the cursor to the game window, so the cursor can walk off and make the game lose focus. Once focus is lost, the game doesn't want to give control back.