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Hi Laura,

Brilliant game, I had a wonderful time, thank you!

I experienced problem with the game crashing on my Linux PC running a Solus distribution.

I tried to launch it using the top-level script "./ioawn4t" but experienced a segmentation fault.

I tried to launch it using the executable "ags64" directly under the data folder but the engine returned shortly during the opening with:

in "room15.asc", line 60

Error: Error running function 'room_AfterFadeIn':

Error: Null pointer referenced

I went on github and compile AGS, stable release 3.5.1 and ran the fresh executable under the data folder and now the game is now starting and running fine. I haven't really looked further but thought you might be interested.

Thanks again!

Hi gelmir, glad you liked the game!

This error usually indicates that something has prevented your sound device from initalizing. It could be an issue with the sound driver that's being automatically selected by the config file, in which case you would have to select one manually, or in some cases it's also been reported that it can happen if the game is installed to a folder with extended ASCII or Unicode characters.

You can see the possible solutions in more detail a few comments below, in case you're interested: In any case, when we publish the new version with the DLC both here and on Steam in September, I will provide a troubleshooting document for anybody who might run into this issue.



Hi Laura,

Yes I have seen this post and followed the instructions before, halas to no avail. The game folder does not have any extended ASCII nor Unicode characters. So I don't know, but the latest AGS version compiled on my machine is fine. Maybe AGS is just picky :-) Just reach out in case you would want more details or testing in the future.