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Hi Laura,

Yes I have seen this post and followed the instructions before, halas to no avail. The game folder does not have any extended ASCII nor Unicode characters. So I don't know, but the latest AGS version compiled on my machine is fine. Maybe AGS is just picky :-) Just reach out in case you would want more details or testing in the future.


Hi Laura,

Brilliant game, I had a wonderful time, thank you!

I experienced problem with the game crashing on my Linux PC running a Solus distribution.

I tried to launch it using the top-level script "./ioawn4t" but experienced a segmentation fault.

I tried to launch it using the executable "ags64" directly under the data folder but the engine returned shortly during the opening with:

in "room15.asc", line 60

Error: Error running function 'room_AfterFadeIn':

Error: Null pointer referenced

I went on github and compile AGS, stable release 3.5.1 and ran the fresh executable under the data folder and now the game is now starting and running fine. I haven't really looked further but thought you might be interested.

Thanks again!