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Really touching game, reminded me quite a bit of The Cat Lady but it has of course its own personal touch (and much better artwork to be honest!). An "exit" function (Esc key?) would be nice to have, though. Had to Alt-Tab out of the game and close the window to exit. Anyway, liked this a lot and the atmosphere really sucked me in!

Such a lovely little game! (and soooo addictive!)

So simple, so original and so addictive! Loved it!

Thank you! So lovely to hear.

No worries! I wasn't totally sure if it was a bug or some kind of secret, so I'm glad I decided to mention it :)

I think I might have found a bug? I just walked right through that door instead of getting transported to whatever room it's supposed to lead :)

This was absolutely adorable! I got 90%, I think what I missed was the coven but I'm not sure. Anyway, loved it!

Should have checked first, looks like there's an open bug for this: Fingers crossed that it gets fixed soon...

I'm having this exact same problem! I was working on a game on my computer, downloaded/exported it, uploaded it to Bitsy on another computer, and everything is black and the game data is blank. I tried uploading an older game and it worked, but if I tried downloading that same game and then uploading it again, same problem. Tried downloading and reuploading the default "new game", same issue. It's weird that there are no other comments mentioning this!

Thanks Nicolas for testing this out! That's really nice of you :)

In the instructions I wrote "run aroomwithoutyou" assuming that Linux users would know how to do it, but maybe it's better to be a bit more specific. I'll add this bit of extra info to the description, thanks for the suggestion!

La historia, increíble, me ha gustado incluso más que la primera parte, pero creo que precisamente por eso es menos "juego" y más "historia interactiva" que el anterior y me habría gustado que hubieran más puzzles o acertijos que ayudaran a dar más sensación de aventura gráfica. Pero entiendo que a veces  cuando se tiene una buena historia es difícil meter elementos jugables sin que la narrativa se resienta, de hecho me está pasando con el juego en el que estoy trabajando ahora :D

Pero en definitiva, que me ha encantado y espero impaciente la tercera parte!

This is the best game ever.

This is SO cool and imaginative. Loved it!

There needs to be a sequel to this at some point. Or a whole saga.

This is such a lovely little experience!

Ahahaha ok then.

I'm very hungry and also very amused. Loved it!

Thanks, glad you liked it!

So original! I love it when people use Bitsy in non-conventional ways.


I can't put into words how much I love this. Thanks for sharing <3

Thank you! The artist will be happy to know :D

Such a gorgeous game! I personally don't like 9-verb interfaces and I had to go check the AGS forums for clues on a couple of puzzles (so many ways to unscrew things!), but it was a fantastic experience nevertheless! Once I started playing, I just had to know how it ended (nice little Helloween sample at the end, heheh). Thanks for making this and sharing it with us!

Loved this!

I'm a huge David Lynch fan, and I love how this game manages to create the same type of atmosphere while having its own personality. Games like these are why I love the indie scene. Amazing job, guys!

Merci Nicolas for such an encouraging comment! I've actually been wanting to play your game for a while now because I saw the the thread on the AGS forums and it looks really cool, but I still haven't found a moment to get around to it. When I do, I'll certainly let you know!

Hey Adam, thanks for replying! I don't know how I missed that thread, but I'll make sure to post there if I run into any more bugs in the future. Thanks a lot for looking into this!

Hi Adam, this is probably not the best place to comment but I'm not on twitter and I don't see any other way to contact you directly. It looks like today there was an update to Bitsy but there's no announcement in the devlog and now the color picker darkness / lightness slider is not working anymore, don't know if it's just my case. Up until now, when I moved the slider left and right to change the lightness, my tiles/sprites would change in colour/brightness in real time as the slider moved, but not anymore. Any idea if this is happening to others? Thanks in advance!

I hadn't listened to Brambles in a very, very long time! Beautiful little experience, thank you so much <3

Stuff like this is what makes me recover my faith in humanity at least for a bit. So imaginative and original!

Aw, I found the secret! :) I don't know how I came across Bitsy just a few days ago but I fell in love with it instantly and now I'm currently working on my first game, so thanks for creating such a lovely and inspiring tool!

Loved this so much! Gorgeous art, perfect music and amazing atmosphere.

I just finished playing and I'm still ugly sobbing as I type. This hit me hard.