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Hi gelmir, glad you liked the game!

This error usually indicates that something has prevented your sound device from initalizing. It could be an issue with the sound driver that's being automatically selected by the config file, in which case you would have to select one manually, or in some cases it's also been reported that it can happen if the game is installed to a folder with extended ASCII or Unicode characters.

You can see the possible solutions in more detail a few comments below, in case you're interested: In any case, when we publish the new version with the DLC both here and on Steam in September, I will provide a troubleshooting document for anybody who might run into this issue.


Thank you so much! I don't think anybody else has played this on stream or video, so it was really cool seeing you go through it! Really glad you enjoyed it :)

This could very well be the cause, thanks for pointing it out! But it doesn't have to be necessarily the root, any folder with English-only characters will work. The latest beta of the engine is in development right now and will probably do away with this restriction at last, but I have no idea when it will be stable enough for release. Hopefully soon! 

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1) It has never been our intention to localize this game to any other languages and we would like people to understand and respect this.

2) AGS does not currently support Chinese. ANSI is a 1-byte encoding system, which means it's limited to 256 characters. There is currently a beta version in the works that will include Unicode support and thus will make the use of full Chinese font sets possible, but it is still in development. Hopefully it will be functional by the time we start working on our next game. 

For Windows you can change sound drivers simply by running winsetup.exe and selecting a different one from the "Digital Sound" drop-down.

Glad to hear, thanks for letting me know.

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Hi, this means that your sound device hasn't been initialized when launching the game. The default setting is -1, which automatically tries to find and use the correct sound driver, but if you're getting this error, try opening the acsetup.cfg file and replacing the value in digiid with one of the following options depending on your sound card drivers: ALSA, ARTS, ESSD, JACK, OSSD, SGIA, or SDL2. Hopefully one of these options should fix your issue.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Glad to hear! Hope you will be able to create something you'll be proud of. Best of luck!

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Click on the grandfather clock key.

(The hotspot is a bit small and easy to miss, but that will be fixed in September with the new version in order to make it easier to spot.)

Hi! The game was made with Adventure Game Studio:

It's a great choice if you want to make simple point-and-click games, but it's also very old and has many limitations compared to more modern engines (such as lack of support for Unicode, so it's pretty much impossible to make games in Chinese with it, for example). It is free in any case, so you could always give it a try and see if it suits your needs :)

Thank you :)

I can confirm there will be a Mac version, check this other reply for the details:

We will release it for Mac in late september, see this other reply for more details :)

There will be a Mac build coming right here to around late September, so keep your eyes peeled! Or if you want a reminder, you could wishlist it on Steam (even though it will only be available for Win and Linux there) and as soon as it's released you will get an email letting you know it's available already, since we plan to release both at the same time:

The problem was setting the appropriate file permissions for the Linux executables. I don't have a Linux machine, but I do have a tiny command line application for Windows that can set the executable bit for the appropriate files and pack the build into a tar.gz archive, thus preserving these permissions. But while supports uploading tar.gz files, Steam doesn't; it's either direct upload or zip files.

What changed things is that recently I was given a macbook at my job, and because macOS is built on Unix, I was able to set all correct permissions  there and upload my files directly from that laptop. It was a bit complicated to set up at first, but now it's running like a charm.

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Good news! I can definitely confirm we'll be bringing the Linux version to Steam too :)

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Hi and thanks a lot, glad you liked it so much!

As to the fullscreen toggle issue, were you playing on Windows with the default configuration? If that's the case, would you mind following a couple of troubleshooting steps to see if we can spot the problem?

- Run winsetup.exe, tick the "Run in windowed mode" box, and click "Save and run". The game should start in a window; see if you can toggle now between windowed and fullscreen modes using Alt+Enter (don't press them both at the same time: try pressing Alt, and while keeping it pressed, press Enter.)

- If this does not work, quit the game and run winsetup once more. Untick the windowed mode box again, select the OpenGL graphics driver, and "Save and run". Does the toggle work now?

Thanks in advance for your help!

I do! Actually they offered to help with the Linux release, which is awesome. Fingers crossed and let's see if we can make it work out...

Unfortunately, right now the chance of providing a Linux build for Steam seems very unlikely, but we'll try to make it happen so we're not completely discarding the possibility yet. We just don't want to make any promises in that regard in case it doesn't work out in the end.

In any case, the DLC will also be available here on on a pay-what-you-want basis, and it's definitely the option we would encourage  taking because the cut Steam takes from every sale is pretty savage.

Thank you for your comment and the support, we really appreciate it.

Hey thanks, happy you're liking it so far!

Esc does not work during cutscenes or dialogues.

Hi, I'm afraid I don't know what you mean by "a short processed AVG".

As to the in-game menu, if you read the description right here on this page, you will see a "Controls" section. Press Esc to access the in-game menu, where you can save your game and then load it from the main menu, and Alt+Enter (or use winsetup.exe) to toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode.

That makes sense. Really looking forward to AGS 3.6 being a bit more stable and being able to leave Allegro behind. 

It's really weird that it works through ScummVM and not natively, but thanks for the tip!

Hi, I'm really sorry to hear that. If you've whitelisted the executable and tried all the different sound output options (not just Default Waveout Device), there really is nothing else I can do on my end. It might be a conflict between your sound card and AGS, but those steps have always solved the issue so far, so it seems to be dependent on some people's systems. Apologies :(

Thank you, really appreciate it!

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Thank you for the video, some parts were absolutely hilarious! I'm looking forward to the next chapters :)

Thank you very much! The influence from the novel can be mostly seen reflected in the structure and partly in the ending, but apart from a couple of in-game references, the stories are their own thing, completely unrelated to Calvino's book :)

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Yes, click on the "Add to Collection" button on the top right of this page.

Oh dear, then I'm not (completely) crazy; I *did* leave that comment, hahah! Thank you so much for fixing it! 😀

Hey again! I'm pretty sure I left a comment on one of your playthrough videos, but I can't see it now so maybe I just dreamt the whole thing? Anyway, just wanted to point out that you wrote our name as Dead "Isle" Games but the correct name is actually Dead Idle Games, so I would appreciate it if you could fix that :) Thanks!

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Hi, I'm sorry that you're having issues. Unfortunately, I have never run into this problem and nobody else has reported it so far either, so I'm not sure what could be going on. For starters, I would try running winsetup.exe and switching the graphics driver from Direct3D (the current selected default) to OpenGL, and see if that changes anything.

Also in the settings, you can click on "Advanced" in the lower right corner and see if increasing the "Mouse speed" slider helps.

It would also be interesting to know if this happens with other games or apps when they're running in fullscreen mode (like VLC, for example) to help discard the possibility that it might be some setting in your Windows configuration.

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Hi! Thanks for your interest, but we have no plans to make a Mac version. Some people have said that WINE or PlayOnMac work for them, however, so maybe you could give that a try and see if it works?

Thank you very much for the offer, but we are not going to translate the game. Happy you liked it and thanks for your comment!

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Very happy to hear, and thanks for letting me know! 

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Yes, there are several walkthroughs on YouTube already, with and without commentary. If you can't find your way I can let you know what you need to do, but I'd rather not spoil it here where everybody can see it! 

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Hi! This error indicates that the game audio has not been initialized for some reason. To fix it, try the following:

- First, try whitelisting the game folder and/or executable in your antivirus software if you haven't done so yet. Some programs like Avast or Windows Defender will sometimes interfere with the game startup and cause the audio to not initialize.

- If this doesn't work, run winsetup.exe, click on "Advanced" on the lower-right corner, and in the "Digital Sound" drop-down, change the audio device to "Default WaveOut Device" (this one seems to work for most people), "Default DirectSound Device", or "DirectSound (Hardware mixer)".

Let me know if this works for you!

Hey! We really enjoyed watching your playthrough on Youtube and it made us so happy that you liked it so much :D You'll be able to support us financially when the DLC we're preparing comes out, but that's still a few months away. Until then, the best support you can give us is to simply recommend the game and spread the word. Thanks for everything!

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Hi, that is not possible, but if you press Esc during the game you'll bring up the Pause/Options menu, where you can adjust the dialogue text speed and make it slower by moving the slider to the left. Moving it just 3-4 notches should be more than enough to give you time to translate everything, and if not, you can always make it even slower (and of course, once you're done reading/translating a line, you can skip to the next one by clicking the mouse.)