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Love the GBC visuals, but I've got issues with controls.

It says "Press Start" but doesn't explain what "start" is. It doesn't have to be in game, itch page would suffice. After a lot of trying, I've found that it's "left alt" - a very unfortunate choice of key, since alt+arrow switches a page in the browser!

The intro is amusing, but it's really long, so could use some skip option, especially, since the game can be turned off accidentally, and I didn't find the save function yet!

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Sorry, you're right, the controls are Z and X by default. I will insert that in the starting page right before the game.
Also i will insert it here in the page.

You can skip the intro after the first time of saving.

Game is saved when you go to sleep, it gives you the option.

Thank you for playing and for your comments!