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I really like it. Very good early version :)

The arstyle is very good... Well... backgroungs could be better but... Sprites and CGs looks very good.

I like the characters. Each of them has their own style, personality and adventages. My favourite is Ava. She is very sunny, cute, adorable, funny, charming and pretty girl. And Robin's best friend. I just  wonder why it is so hard to spend some time with her and why usually she already has something planned :( . But date with her was very good... even if they haven't seen a movie. She should spend more time with Robin during plot - they are roomies, besties and she's romance interest... so she should have a bit bigger role.

The game has a lot of meaningful choices. The SMS system is very interesting idea but I think Robin should recive more of them. It's good that sometimes player can choose if/how will she reply. The dialogues are funny and I like that each character is interested in different things. 

The plot is full of interestng events. And the game has few endings. Of course I've got Ava's ending. And I had started her not existing route... 

I really think you should write guide. Sometimes it can be hard to choose good option, especially if you are interested in one person

I'd love to see full game :)

We're glad you enjoyed it! The backgrounds will definitely be replaced with more polished versions before the final release and the sprites will get more poses as well.

As for Avalon, she's a social butterfly so she doesn't hang around in one place for long. She likes to go, go, go! But in her character route there will definitely be more one-on-one time between her and Robin.

The final version will also have a lot more texting, but we've been focusing on writing the main portion of the game so that's why there's only a few at the moment. 

Thank you so much for playing and giving us your thoughts! We're working hard to bring the full version out.