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"RPG Maker MV reads icons on the sheet in "tiles" of 32x32, so you must increase the canvas size in increments of 32x32 for the file to be read correctly. With this in mind, increase the canvas size to accommodate the new icons, and paste in the large image file provided in this pack.

Place them aligned to the 32x32 grid, otherwise RMMV will not read your file correctly."

I need you to explain what is the canvas, how to increase its size, and how to paste in an image file? Please?

Hi there! You can check out this video which will probably explain things a little better. :D


Hey Caz! Thank you for offering resources and for answering so quickly. :-)

As I thought, the canvas is the background behind the picture in image editing softwares, I wasn't certain.

I see how it is done! Thank you for teaching me! :-D

No worries at all, I'm glad it helped you!