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Found and tried this out a few weeks ago. Loved the aesthetics & found the concept a very refreshing mix of usually disparate elements!

I must however confess that I gave up on romanceing because I wasn't quite able to figure out what to do. ex: with Arjun I bought clothing and tried chatting with him but only the most basic dialogue options were ever an option (memory hazy on the details). Now that my semester is done I'm committed to finding out how to win his heart!!! Tips/walkthrough please???


It easy! To get somebody love you  have to talk a lot with that person (everyday) and always choose that 1 option that gives positive reactiom. After some time that person will talk with you about more personal topic, start conversation with you and start showing hid/her interest ♥

I'm glad you're enjoying the game :D!

MrMar is 100% right. Maybe I should have been more clear that buying them gifts doesn't really do much, hahaha, it's really just cosmetic, to see the character you like in different clothes!