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i loved this game! i played it once to see how it was, and really loved how fast-paced it is. i then played it again for a video of mine, your game is included in the time stamp 4:47 - 5:48! i had some good laughs playing this, and i hope to see more development :>

P.S. i tried so hard to get three stars but deemed it impossible with my temper XD


Hey I'm one of the developers, thank you so much for playing and posting! We loved your video, we're definitely subbing x)) 

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hello dev! it was my pleasure to play, and thank you for the subscription i appreciate it a lot!


Hello, my dear!

Your video was a blast to watch, we thank you so so much for trying out and enjoying our game! Future updates are on the way, and we hope that you will like the more polished versions even more... and maybe finally reach the impossible THIRD STAR! :D

Have a nice one, keep up the good work! <3


hi dev, thank you for your kind words! i am very excited to be able to check out the future updates, and yes maybe someday, one day, someway i could reach that oh so lovely third star.... XD