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yes LMAO


the baby chickens r nightmare fuel 0.0

spookz it was funny :D

my driving skills are top notch :)

rlly fun!!

no problem, can't wait to see more games from you!

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haha thank you for your kind words dev! :D

hi dev, thank you for your kind words! i am very excited to be able to check out the future updates, and yes maybe someday, one day, someway i could reach that oh so lovely third star.... XD

thank you! :D

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hello dev! it was my pleasure to play, and thank you for the subscription i appreciate it a lot!

i unfortunately don't speak spanish very well, but i really wanted to make a comment on this amazing game! I played this once before and it was a lot of fun, and very addicting might I add! I included your game in my video, the timestamp is 0:09 - 0:58.

Also, i apologize if i talk too fast and it is hard to understand my english! (I will add captions to it soon!) Amazing game, will definitely be following more of your future projects!

this game would probably be one of my favorite games on itch haha! i loved the art, the gameplay, the pictures, texts, i could go on for hours xd can't wait to see more of this game, i will defo be following the development of it! i included this game in my video, the time stamp is 0:58 - 2:04, i had alot of fun (even though i didn't follow the instructions at all LOL) 

your game is hilarious and fun! it was a blast to play, i included it in my video, the time stamp is 2:04 - 3:38! loved everything about this, and you know i got that 10/10 in the achievements ;)

this game was amazing, i loved it! the story was something i wasn't expecting, and kinda got me scared when the music started reveling up haha XD i included your game in my video, the timestamp is 3:38 - 4:47. thank you for the great experience!

i loved this game! i played it once to see how it was, and really loved how fast-paced it is. i then played it again for a video of mine, your game is included in the time stamp 4:47 - 5:48! i had some good laughs playing this, and i hope to see more development :>

P.S. i tried so hard to get three stars but deemed it impossible with my temper XD

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a legend

fun game! the movement is smooth and it's addictive! 

i see, that makes sense, whatever makes more sense to you sounds good! :D

fun game, got kinda dizzy after a bit but the graphics are great, haha! cool concept, music is nice too! nice job :D

lookin forward to it ammar!

I'll be sure to check it out then!

hey kebab! great game, nice job and im glad you put it up for webgl :D  here are some questions and suggestions I had : I can't seem to find the "Reset" button in the game like you mentioned, is it possible it is for some reason not visible on the browser version? also, it would be nice to have a score counter for how many sharks we have passed, or maybe a timer to see how long we can survive. also, another idea is to have more obstacles, maybe a horde of fish or jellyfish possibly? something to increase the difficulty would speed up the engagement I think! anyways, fun game, congrats on the release! will stay tuned for whatever you create next :)

thank you kebab! i appreciate it :D

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this game is amazingly addictive, wow! i am not familiar with puzzles like this, is it inspired by anything possibly? great job, the art is amazing, I wish this was an app so I could play it on my phone whenever I feel stressed! Great work, I'll be following your games from now on :D

oo i think mouse might work well too! I'll definitely stay tuned for this weekend, cant wait for the next update!

fun game, the consistent "I love you" was oddly terrifying LOL anyway, the first couple times I played this, I was utterly confused as to why I was losing my weapon all the time, but then realized that when I get too close to the enemies, they steal my weapon! a genius afterthought haha anyways, I enjoyed playing this, great work!

just checked out the new update, the map randomization is looking great! love the diversity in the maps, and not to mention the music is sick! also, great that the enemy attacks our player now, it's a lot more immersive! i see the movement has improved a lot, its a lot easier to move around now! only thing is, I always end up getting killed by the enemy too fast because I can never position my turret in time, it's difficult to manage with the keys for the wasd, io, and p being separate from each other. would be possible to change the keybinds from IO to something else? I believe that could maybe resolve the issue of going to fast or too slow and it being to slidey to position. Anyway, great work as always, looking forward to playing more of this game!

ooo say no more!

cool prototype, i like the concept! the art is super beautiful and I love the glowy effect on the pets, really gives off a "mystifying" feel if you know what I mean. sweet to experience, only thing is I'm not exactly sure what the switching positions options are for, like is there is a reason why we need to switch positions? Anyway, great music, great art, great concept, great prototype haha! :D

ill be sure to check out the new version then!

Fun game! the art looks great, and I love the concept! creative environment, it stood out to me that the moon would change shape as time went on, very small but interesting detail! one thing I could suggest is maybe a "day" system, where the moon works as a sort of timer so that you can see how many days you can get through, like stages! anyways, my best was 28 haha, didn't get very far did I? XD

nice concept! great sound effects as well :o I think the progress you have made so far is great, can't wait to see whats next! some things I've found difficult are that the movement is a little too slidey so it is difficult to control, and along with that the IO keys are a bit confusing as to which way is which sometimes, so it makes it difficult to move smoothly, if that makes sense :D

veery addictive and fun! nice job this game is really good, finding myself replay and replay haha :)

fun! i like the ending screen too, great game :)

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good game, it was fun to play! only thing was that I hadn't seen the instructions on the main screen when I first played, so I was a bit confused on what to do, so I could suggest making it a tad bigger so that it pops out more! anyways, great work!

havent finished the game yet (im stuck on stage 8 haha) but this game is really fun! I'm playing on browser and the game runs super smooth and not to mention the graphics are really nice, I love the style!! the puzzle format is really intriguing and makes me think "HOW DID I EVEN DO THAT" sometimes XD anyways, great game! will defo come back to finish all the levels :)

i like the progression over months ended up detoriating the player's mental health, the dialogue and the objects around the player changed in slight ways as well, it almost felt real. I like the ending too! great game and nice job, will recommend people to play this :D

this game was a great time passer! fun and simple, I like how there are multiple ways to complete a stage and we have to figure out which one works the best! only thing I noticed is that i could go through some of the walls if we jump and move forward at the same time. anyways, great game! :D

nice game, the music is great and the controls are smooth! great job :D