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Francesco Maria El Fiore

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Hello, Claud!
Thanks a lot for your precious and lovely feedback. As one of the narrative designers of Botte Piccola, I am really glad you ejoyed the "reinterpreting some of the story in your head" part of the game, we really tried to push on that aspect of the plot without overdoing it. :)
Thank you again for the kind words, hope to hear from you when we will release the next update! C:

Ehi, ciao! Grazie davvero tanto per aver giocato tutta la prima parte del nostro gioco e averci dedicato un video su YouTube! C:

Ci piacerebbe davvero tanto riuscire a portarlo anche su altre piattaforme ed espanderlo ulteriormente! <3

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Hello, man!

I am one of the designers behind this little game and I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know how your video was a BLAST to watch!
Filippo has already pointed out most of the more important things, but since I wasn't able to write a comment before I am just here to say thank you... a bit late. <3

Keep up the good work, and happy gaming! C:

Hello, my dear!

Your video was a blast to watch, we thank you so so much for trying out and enjoying our game! Future updates are on the way, and we hope that you will like the more polished versions even more... and maybe finally reach the impossible THIRD STAR! :D

Have a nice one, keep up the good work! <3

Hello, my friend!

First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your time in trying out our game and also doing a YT gameplay on it. All your feedbacks are extremely appreciated!
As you may have noticed the game is still not quite finished, and we are planning to release a better version (in terms of gameplay depth as well as in the general user experience) in the near future.
I'd also like to point out that some of the features you mentioned were originally intended to be part of our game, but got sadly cut due to a lack of time during the development: our hope is to be able to expand it as much as possible and, possibly, implement also those features, but only time will tell!

Thanks again a lot, happy gaming! <3

Hello! ^-^
Your compliment is extremely appreciated, thanks a lot! I am really happy you enjoyed this little project of ours: as Joe said, I recommend you to also try out other games we have worked one!