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Oh, forgot to mention that you should explain why does it follow the theme of the jam. Idk if I'm missing something, but I don't get which two genres does this combines.


@daniFM @Sharingsodelightt

Thanks for the feedback, we know that, but we thougth that the best way to transmit the idea in the short duration of the game, and the short time we had to do it, was make it black or white. I mean we know that the only two exits of a relationship like that are not kill yourself or kill your husband. But those options are the most impressive and those that will most mark you in the short duration of the game.

Responding to making the game more complete, we wanted to do it but for the GameJam we couldn't do it because fault of time...

But maybe if we do a complete version of "Him & I" we will add all the things that you said!

Thank you for give your opinion! We really appreciate that you love our game :3