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Neon Tail - Devlog 03(April 21th, 2018)

Hi there! I've been busy writing the game's designs, designing workflows, testings, modeling props, adding small animations, writing editor tools, and tweaking small changes to the wallriding code.I'm slowly replacing the mockup geometries with occlusion cullable props.Previously for the prototype, the environment meshes were huge, so no occlusion culling, and we had big pixel ratio problems. It wasn't optimised at all but I knew it, we were simply rushing for a presentation. Now with the LOD and the occlusion culling and a workflow written down, these should allow us way more details and flexibility as we slowly build up our props library.Hopefully I will be able to put up tons of NPCs, destructible objects, fun things etc...

The environment is completely a work in progress, as well as everything actually, but I believe the foundation of everything is ready for the executive work, so it's getting there, one small step at a time.

Have a nice week end!