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This game was actually really well done! I've been super addicted to the pixelated art style in video games for the past few months and that's what originally made me want to pick this one up! The sounds and ambiance were fantastic and I love the fact that there was a happy-go-lucky feel in the back of this game as well. It definitely pulled off a scary, yet happy vibe in my opinion, much like A Nightmare Before Christmas. Not like the movie, itself. More like the feel of it. The only negative things I have to say about this game are that it starts off in 720p, which is fine. I can switch it to windowed mode and record it no problem. The only issue is: it switches back once the game ends. Other than that, it's great! Thanks so much for making this!

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Thank you so much for the playthrough and the kind words! It warms our hearts to hear. :)

(I'll have to look into the resolution issue.)

Thank you! It wouldn't have been a big deal if I didn't record everything with Elgato. When screen resolution changes mid-recording, everything goes out of sync. Easy to fix in post-processing though, so no biggie!