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Braindeer Games

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Such a beautiful write up, thank you so much for featuring us. <3

Love the video, thank you so much for the praise! :)

Right now we're all a bit too busy to continue this project, but seeing all the attention its gotten has not gone unnoticed. So maybe? I definitely feel it would be a project worth revisiting.

Hi! Wow! Thanks so much for the kind words and the video! Froggy is hidden in the lake, actually. Some people run into him, some don't. :)

Sorry to hear we let you down! Under strict time limits for jams like this we tend to lose sight of the bigger usability features, in favor of more polish to the narrative, flow, or maybe just one more new feature that we want to sneak in. And since we all have day jobs, it's hard to find time to go back and add those after the event, and that's if we think to even do so in the first place. 

Anyway, since you've asked, I went ahead and added that feature this afternoon. In the latest build you can go ahead and press Y on your keyboard while playing to invert your Y-axis look, on mouse or controller. Hope you enjoy playing!

Thank you so much for the playthrough! I really enjoyed it! :D

Hey! We are looking into that. No ETA yet, but we hope soon. :)

I loved your playthrough! Brilliant stuff! Thank you so much for the praise as well. :)

Replied to Yitz in Woodsy comments

Currently looking into that, actually. No promises yet, but we hope so. :)

So glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the play-through and the kind words! :)

Haha no worries! Thanks for the play! :D

Just added a 32 bit version! Let me know if that works. :)

Thank you for the play and the praise!! It means a lot!

I LOVE the fancy persona! Thank you for the kind words and the playthrough! :D

Oh geez! Sorry I've been so busy this week I haven't gotten around to making more comprehensive builds.
Let me get on that. :)

It's certainly a very strange statue, isn't it? ;)

Thank you so much for playing! I think you discovered the most out of all the let's players so far. :) A lot of your reactions were so genuine and funny!

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Thank you so much for the playthrough and the kind words! It warms our hearts to hear. :)

(I'll have to look into the resolution issue.)

Replied to Levont in Woodsy comments

That's awesome to hear, man! We really appreciate you giving it a play. :)

Thank you so much for giving it a play man!
In response to the seriousness, the theme for this month's Ludum Dare was to mash together "two incompatible genres", so our group went for a mix of horror and an Animal Crossing-esque slice of life. Two genres we felt are at the complete opposite ends of the spectrum.

Thanks! Really appreciate you giving it a shot. :)


A strange deity, his beautiful islands, the magical powers they hold, and secrets they hide!

Miskro is a relaxing exploration game where you gain new perspectives on your surroundings and use that to discover new paths and secrets before finding an ultimate treasure. Come check it out, yo!

Made in under 48 hours for Ludum Dare #38 using UE4 and 3DS Max, and BFXR for some sounds. Download it for free and play:

And then hit me up here or on twitter at @ghodan_ to let me know what you think! Thanks!