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So glad I made it in time this year! I named this guy Ploog, for reasons I don't fully understand.

oh dang! we never anticipated anyone wanting the soundtrack, tbh those soundbites are really only like 30 seconds on a loop. 

I'll reach out to our musician and see if he still has the files!

I'm so glad you liked it! Thank you for the kind words. :)

Ahh thank you for playing! :D

Awww, I really appreciate how much it means to you! Thank you for playing, and for reaching out!

Oh! Merci beaucoup!

Excellent playthrough! Very glad you like it. :)

So glad you liked it. Enjoy the background! :D

What kind words! Thank you so much for the video, we're glad you enjoyed it!

Hi! Very sorry but that's currently not on our radar. None of us own a Mac which is unfortunately a requirement for making a Mac build. If that changes we will let you know. :)

Ahhhhh love this so much! Way to capture the whole aesthetic of both Trevor's work and that entire classic horror game era! Beautiful experience all around

It's being talked about! So glad you liked it!

Thank you so much for the play! I love it!

I think we do too! 

When you only have 48 hours to make a game, a very hard decision of quality vs quantity is there. We think we made the right choice, but would love to make more for everyone who enjoyed it. Stay tuned!

Woo! So glad you liked it! :D Thank you for the lets play!

Definitely could be, try disabling that and then running it.

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Okay so from what I can understand here you should have the proper specs to be able to run it, so I am not at all aware of why it isn't running. :/

The error is very general and not super helpful, unfortunately, and it should run on Windows 10 just fine (runs on mine, anyway). 

Do you by any chance have an antivirus or other security program running? 

Oh hmm, I'm not at all sure. First time that's come up.
Can you tell me as much as you can about the computer you are trying to run it on?

We are currently considering it! No hard plans at the moment but we do see all the attention it's gotten and it is being talked about. :)

Haha hi! Lil' Guy doesn't usually feel like doing much but he does enjoy fish- that's about it. As for the statue, it's pretty weird. We're not even sure what it does! Just seems to like moving around sometimes.

Oh my gosh that's so wonderful! If you have a twitter you can DM me through there, either @ghodan_ or @braindeergames.
This is all too exciting ohmygosh

Hey there! Sorry it hasn't been running smoothly for you. 

So, Woodsy was made for a game jam, meaning we only had a weekend to make it as a kind of fun challenge for our skills, and to that effect we tend to forgo things that would be important for a full game release like an options menu (or really any menu at all) in favor of finishing the core of the game. So no, right now there's nothing you can do to change the graphical quality and make it run smoother, but there may be a way I can prepare a more optimized build for you to be able to enjoy it. I can't promise it any time soon, but I'll see what I can do. :)

Thank you so much for the kind words! We don't have anything to announce right now, but we certainly have noticed the attention Woodsy has gotten and are talking about continuing work on it. Means so much to hear you all enjoy it. :)

Ahhh what kind words! Right now we don't have any concrete plans to expand this game, but we have definitely noted the popularity and are thinking on it. Thank you so much for reaching out!

Absolutely fine! Thank you so much for the video! :D

Such a fun playthrough! Thank you so much!! :D

Haha, this is so great! Thanks for the play, man. :)

Ahhhh I love this! Excellent playthough, very funny! :D

Such a beautiful write up, thank you so much for featuring us. <3

Love the video, thank you so much for the praise! :)

Right now we're all a bit too busy to continue this project, but seeing all the attention its gotten has not gone unnoticed. So maybe? I definitely feel it would be a project worth revisiting.

Hi! Wow! Thanks so much for the kind words and the video! Froggy is hidden in the lake, actually. Some people run into him, some don't. :)

Sorry to hear we let you down! Under strict time limits for jams like this we tend to lose sight of the bigger usability features, in favor of more polish to the narrative, flow, or maybe just one more new feature that we want to sneak in. And since we all have day jobs, it's hard to find time to go back and add those after the event, and that's if we think to even do so in the first place. 

Anyway, since you've asked, I went ahead and added that feature this afternoon. In the latest build you can go ahead and press Y on your keyboard while playing to invert your Y-axis look, on mouse or controller. Hope you enjoy playing!

Thank you so much for the playthrough! I really enjoyed it! :D

Hey! We are looking into that. No ETA yet, but we hope soon. :)

I loved your playthrough! Brilliant stuff! Thank you so much for the praise as well. :)

Currently looking into that, actually. No promises yet, but we hope so. :)

So glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the play-through and the kind words! :)

Haha no worries! Thanks for the play! :D

Just added a 32 bit version! Let me know if that works. :)

I LOVE the fancy persona! Thank you for the kind words and the playthrough! :D