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I just finished playing one route, the prince's, and I must admit it was really interesting. I like the huge amount of choices and how they impact Iolanthe's behaviour and reputation. And the ending was truly heartwarming!

The sprites and CGs are nice, and the music choices are fitting too. The characters are overall compelling and some scenes made me laugh so much haha! Overall, a really nice game.

I have a small question though - if I understand correctly, there is one kind of secret route? Not asking for spoilers here, I'll manage to unravel it,  but I'd like to know one thing, if that's ok for you to tell. Is that the kind of secret routes that are merely hard to get on, but that can be done anytime, or is it actually of the unlockable type and I'd have to play all the other routes to get it? I must admit I'm not that interested in some of the routes, so I'd rather know beforehand haha! Not criticizing here though - it's just a matter of personal tastes!

And also, thanks for making this awesome game! I was waiting for it since the first announcements!

Hello, Konoi, and many thanks for the feedback. I am glad to hear you are enjoying the game so far.

Hmm, the secret route is the unlockable sort you mentioned. This is becuase I didn't want people stumbling upon it by accident.

Depending on your tastes, it may not even be your cup of tea and so not worth playing the routes you're not keen on.  If you want spoilers, you can email me at and I'll let you know more. ^_^

Thanks for playing

Oh sure, I'll do so in a moment - thank you for your answer!