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very cute and super fun! i think maybe you should add a little explanation that you have limited pinballs tho im mostly just a little stupid for not seeing the obvious haha mostly i really wish the game has reset button? sorry if it does and i just couldnt find it!


Thanks! I can add it into the rules page in the next patch. :)

There's no “game over” screen yet - I’m working on one that will only give you a game over if you don’t have enough resources to farm yourself up to any more lives, and tally up your total score so you know how you did.  I’ve put a small “Back” button in the lower right corner of the screen as a temporary hotfix (effectively a reset). Please be careful, because you will lose your progress upon returning to the title screen!

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thank you! the updates you've done have really made it much more fun to play!


I'm glad to hear that! I hope the features we're working on will make the game even more fun!