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Thanks for your feedback. 

What is an example of how a game like this could have more plot?

The only loop that should be in the game is when some people demand a toll to let you pass--you can potentially end up running away from them, failing to find a route, and having to go back. So if it was something other than that, let me know.

Once again, thanks for your feedback.

Well, I don't think you could put much plot into something like this and keep the infinite cornucopia of adventures aspect. Maybe you could add a passage that's an intro where the player's reasons for being in the city and their goal are explained. Then, generate the ending passage based on the intro, instead of a simple player wins message. I don't see how else you could add more plot without diminishing the infinite aspect. The plot is just another victim of procedural generation.

Now, I was about to explain the loop and remembered. It works as a loop only if the player forgets what choice they picked when they get represented with the same choice again and accidentaly pick the same option. Otherwise it loops only once and you can proceed normally after the encounter. Sorry about that. My mistake. I just wasn't thinking properly.

OK. Thanks. I'll try to come up with some plot stuff--perhaps mission-specific encounters--if there's enough interest in this project.